Tips for Applying Graphics on Your Dirt Bike

Graphics on Your Dirt Bike

It is quite well-known why a biker puts dirt graphics on the bike. People who still have no idea why they apply graphics on their bikes must-watch dirt biking sport and will know how interesting and exciting it is to watch this sport having players with different decals and MX graphics. Pictures on the dirt bike give a customized look to their motorcycle and protect its plastic parts. It even allows bikers to get more attention from the spectators, and if you are winning the race, you will get attention from sponsors.

Now you know the purpose of putting dirt graphics on the bike, you must understand that it should be bought from a reputable MX graphics company only if you want it last longer. Some vendors keep pre-designed popular graphics to pick and apply instantly. At the same time, others deal in custom MX graphics and create designs as per your choice. There are complete templates available in the market from where you can choose pictures according to your wish.

Let’s discuss the proper way to apply the dirt bike graphics:

Prep the Plastic

If the bike is new and there is no graphics on it, you can thoroughly clean and dry out the surface. If there is old graphics, they will need to be removed first before putting the new one on to it.

Remove Old Graphics

Removing the old graphics need precision in peeling off the sticker. You need to heat the surface slowly and try to extract the decal from one end. You might need to reheat the body if it doesn’t come out at one go. It will take some time to remove it if the decal and bike both are old. Once the stickers are peeled off completely, wash it off with ammonia-free soap or spray and dry it with a clean cloth before applying the new graphics.

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Prepare New Plastic Surface

Bikers who just got their bikes from the company need to remove the oil residue left by the manufacturers on the bike’s plastic surface. The plastic should be oil-free and cleaned thoroughly before applying the new graphics on it. You can use rubbing alcohol, which is readily available everywhere, or you can ask your bike manufacturing company to do it for you. They may charge a fee for it, but your bike’s plastic would be well prepared for applying the graphics. This is a crucial step to follow so that the new graphics can stick entirely to the plastic.

Installing the Graphics

All the above steps mentioned preps up the bike’s plastic to adhere to the decal fully to the surface. Graphics applied to the fuel tank of the cycle become discolored over time and might bubble up due to the tank’s heating. You cannot avoid this issue as there is no solution to It. The tank will heat, and vapors will permeate through the plastic, making bubbles in the decals. All you can do is to check if the alignment of the decals is correct and place it properly. You can put multiple MX graphics on the bike. To see how these graphics will look after applying, you can put them on with the paper backing and use them by removing it if it all looks good.

Peel the Backing Paper Slowly

If you apply large decals, remove the paper backing from the graphics slowly from the area used first. Do not try to peel off the entire paper backing all at once; otherwise, it will stick the pictures into each other or to other places and will ruin your whole process of applying the sticker. Peeling it off slowly is the key to apply the decal correctly.

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Reduce Air Bubbles

Air bubbles can come up if the decal is not applied slowly and correctly. But on fuel tanks, this is an unavoidable situation. For other places, you can smooth down the air bubbles from inside the decal with the help of a clean cloth and rubbing them slowly to the edges of the decal. Sometimes this trick does not work, and you may need to obliterate the decal and apply it again with more precautions and care.

Final Word

Mx graphics not just protect the plastic of the bike but also turn heads, giving you attention from each corner of the field. There is no rocket science in removing and applying the decal to your dirt bike. You can do it on your own with a little patience and skill. Don’t be afraid to try these little things at home. You can get personalized decals to give your bike a personal touch and unique look—all you need to be creative and daring.

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