Tips for men to wear traditional clothes

Tips for men to wear traditional clothes

Traditional wear in India have varieties. Different fabrics, textiles, design, and embroidery is used for making the latest designer traditional men’s wear. The textiles such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, Lurex, etc are used to bring the unique traditional dresses for males.

It an ongoing discussion among males what to wear for the wedding ceremony, either it is his own marriage or excited to attend the best buddy’s marriage. Marriage ceremony and the attire to wear in it is a great discussion always for both males and females. Unlike females, the males have limited choices, but they have good choices always.

Last weekend, we all friends were knocking in every famous gents garment shops in Amravati. Next month we have our school buddy’s marriage and, therefore, we all were looking for the unique and appealing wedding dresses.

Well, it doesn’t mean that to attend any wedding ceremony, a person needs to wear gorgeous dresses. There are people who like to wear different attires which often present them simple still looks appealing and distinctive.

Most people like to wear the traditional dresses in ceremonies and functions. Kurtas, dhotis, and sherwani are the main attires that are mostly worn by males. From kurtas to dhoti and sherwani, the men can be sure to find the latest designer traditional wear from the gents wear in Amravati.


It is always counted as one of the common and most favoured men’s wear for any function or ceremonies. It is paired with pajamas or Churidar. It is popular wear by north Indian men, but it’s getting known in other regions also. The kurta-pajama is said to be Mughal’s dress. It is clear from the name that it is two pieces wear. Pajama is usually come in simple but in rich and quality fabric. The white and off-white colours are mostly in demand as these colours can be coupled with any coloured kurtas.

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The kurtas can be tailored from different fabrics. Silk and Tussar fabrics are mostly considered to tailor the kurtas for any function or ceremony. It can be decorated with various embroidered designs or simply with stone buttons. The heavy kurtas are seen with golden zari thread embroidery works.

The vibrant and attractive prints like Batik and Sanganeri are found in casual kurtas.


It is the name that first comes to mind for celebrating family or friends’ ceremonies. It is said to be another part of Indian men’s fashion that was largely found in gents garment retailers in Amravati.

The Sherwani is designed with different cuts and styles. The front neckline can be different designed and decorated with buttons, embroidery, or both. It is mostly worn as formal wear paired with pajama, Churidar, or dhoti. A long line of buttons in the dress differ it from kurtas.

The sherwanis are made of bright colours and the self-printed or self-coloured embroidered fabric is used. The Chinese collared Sherwani is distinguished by their padded chest and wide shoulders which gives them a bold look.


Wearing a jacket with kurta-pajama is always a fashion in men. Mostly men are seen wearing Nehru jackets. This jacket comes in different designs and colours, but its collar is its main feature. Both, with full sleeves and sleeveless jackets, are available. Men are seen wearing sleeveless jacket paired with full sleeves kurta.

If you select the kurta in plain colour and simple design, then the jacket paired with it is mostly fancy and in bright colour and of shining material like silk.

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The males who like to wear simple dress still emitting elegant looks go for a plain kurta-pajama coupled with Nehru jackets.

Paithani suits

It is another set of attires that is added respectfully in men’s closet. It is simply one colour dress. Paithani is counted as the most comfortable pair of dress for men. Rarely males wear it to attend any ceremonies or functions. But, it is counted as one of the traditional dress.

Style tips for men

Men can add simple accessories to have the perfect dress for any occasion. Men can add their choicest accessories to give a new look to the same attire for next time.

Kurta-pajama and often Paithani suits are paired with turban and mojaris. Pink, red, orange, white and yellow coloured turbans are common. The flat juttis simple and embroidered adds more traditional looks for men.


The trend of traditional dresses is running from ages. With the passing of time, the designers are adding cuts and styles to give it a new look every time.

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