Tips on How to Stay Awake When Dozing Off at Work

How to Stay Awake When Dozing Off at Work

Majority of Philippine call centers operate on a graveyard shift, or basically in hours that most people will be sleeping. If you’re working in the call center industry, then one of the first things that might come as a shock to you is this new schedule you now have to adhere to.

How to Stay Awake When Dozing Off at Work

And along with this is your tendency to be drowsy when you’re at work.

If this is your problem, then don’t worry, this post is here to help you. Listed below are some of the tips on how to stay awake when you’re starting to doze off at work.

Fuel with Breakfast

Fuel with Breakfast

You’ve probably already heard of this hundreds of times, especially when you’re younger. That is, your parents would badger you to eat as much as you could during breakfast, declaring that this would supply you with adequate energy to help you get through the day.

And you know what? They’re right.

Ensure, however, that you reach out for healthier food choices.

Opt for Lighter Lunches

Of course you’re familiar with this scenario—after you’ve eaten a sumptuous meal, your eyes will start fluttering. As much as possible, prevent this from happening by opting for a lighter lunch.

Stuff Yourself with Water

Stuff Yourself with Water

When you’re in doubt, reach out for water. Drinking an invigorating glass of water might help you get out of your predicament. That’s why it’s best that you always have a bottled water with you.

Go for a Walk

Are you huddled over your desk eight hours a day? Staying immobile in the same position will definitely make you sleepy at one point.

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Give your muscles a boost! Don’t remain confined in your work area for a prolonged period of time. During your break, get some fresh air outside and walk around. This just might be the stimulation you’re waiting for.

Veer Away from Sugar

If you think sugar rush can help you, then you’re gravely mistaken. Sure, you’ll be given a burst of energy, but its effect is short-lived, and after that, you’re back to zero or feeling worse.

Have a Caffeine Fix

Have a Caffeine Fix

And then, of course, there’s the good old caffeine. If nothing really helps, then a shot of espresso or a cup of warm coffee might do the trick. Hot or cold—have it the way you like.

However, as mentioned in the previous point, be wary of your sugar intake. Additionally, make sure that you don’t get too much caffeine. You don’t want to be hyperactive.

Listen to Music

Everyone needs a dose of music once in a while. Listening to your favorite tracks is a foolproof way of lifting your spirits . . . or waking you up. During your break time, treat yourself to some good music. It just might be what you need to be more alert.

 Get Enough Sleep

All the tips listed down here will be rendered futile if only you have two to three hours of sleep. Of course, in the end, it still boils down to getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

Key Takeaway

If you’re working in a Philippine call center, then one of the things that you might be struggling with is how to stay awake at work (which rings especially true for those who are still trying to adjust with their new shift). However, it’s not hopeless! If you follow these steps, you’ll be wide awake in no time.

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