Tips to Make Tattoo Hurt Less

We all know that a new tattoo comes with a lot of pain, which the client cannot escape from. However, there are several precautions you can take to not let the pain be as harsh as without the precautions. Here are the tips, which will lower all your ‘ouches’ by several decibels.


Enter sober – Most people are under the misconception that being under the influence of liquor or any other drugs deviates the attention from pain, thus reducing it. But what happens is totally the contrary. Alcohol thins out the blood, which will only mean more bleeding. Also, when you’re drunk, you don’t remain calm and constantly are changing your posture, which only means longer time for the completion of the process and much more pain.

Drink as much water you can – Water is as recommended as the prohibition of alcohol. You must remain hydrated for hours even before you go for the tattoo. A hydrated skin will enable the ink to penetrate more easily, thereby making the process faster and thus reduced pain.

Do not skip breakfast – When undergoing a painful experience, one needs good stamina, which comes from nothing but a properly fed stomach. The stronger you are, the easier the process will be. Also, drink energy drinks.

Get tight sleep at night – The tattoo process takes time, and you need to be energetic to sit in position throughout the procedure. You need proper rest prior to the tattoo session so as be able to get through the pain. If you are already exhausted, there is no way in which you can feel reduced pain from the tattoo. You want the adrenaline to be felt when the tattoo is being done, so make sure you get lots of sleep.

Remain calm and composed – During the process, try to divert your mind into something else. Avoid looking at the tattoo when it hurts. Do not complain again and again as it will only annoy the tattoo artist. So remain patient and strong. How much it hurts is eventually how much of it you are taking to mind.

Engage in a conversation – Talking to someone will not only distract you but make the time pass faster. Some artists purposely will keep talking to you to distract you from the pain. If the artist isn’t the talkative type, you should bring along a friend with you to have a conversation with.

Use an anesthetic – You will find anesthetics, which are specially designed to reduce the pain from tattoo. However, consult your tattooist before using one and ask if they have a better alternative.

Take breaks – A big tattoo on sensitive areas such as feet, hands, chest or ribs can be extremely painful. Take frequent breaks in order to refuel yourself. Quickly munch something during the break and get your mind off the tattoo for some time.

While tattoo is inevitably painful, you can still reduce the pain to a large extent with these simple tips when you visit the tattoo studio in Gurgaon for your dream tattoo.


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