Tips to Remove Water from Ear


Have you ever got water trapped in your ear? This is the most common problem faced by those who are swimmers. The trapped water is really unpleasant if not removed on time, otherwise it drains out naturally. Trapped water can give a tickling sensation which may extend till your jawbones or throat.

The outward layer of our ear consist of earwax to prevent the external pollutants to get inside. But if any pollutant crosses this layer, it can affect our ear canal severely. The most common reason for that is swimming as water can get inside your ear canal at that time. This can be irritating and sometimes lead to hearing problems. While bathing or swimming water can be trapped in your ear can cause sudden ringing sound which make you scratch your ear.


The trapped water can be removed easily with the help of the following tips:

  • Using diluted hydrogen-peroxide ear drops
  • Taking over-the-counter medications
  • Use Olive Oil in the affected ear
  • Wipe off the ear with cloth and avoid earbuds
  • Yawning helps
  • Using a blow dryer to get your ears dry
  • Valsalva maneuver can be performed to drain out water
  • Get a hearing test done, if needed
  • Create vacuum for your ear
  • Try more water, this may help
  • Get a professional help

Tips to prevent water from getting trapped in the ear

Though trapped water can be really problematic for anyone, there are some easy methods to prevent this condition. These methods may require some extra purchases. Wet ear can cause infection leading to many complications. Therefore, it is important to dry down your ear after prolonged exposure to water. Follow some tips while you go for a bath or swimming:

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Earplug: Earplugs are used for ear protection while you go for swimming. Insert those earplugs in your ear and you are ready to go for swimming. This will keep your ear safe while you are in water for an extended period of time. Earplugs are really handy and can be carried easily.

Swimming caps: Swimming caps are another option to keep your ear safe in water while you are swimming or bathing. You may swim caps which can be pulled till the ear and provide protection against water which may enter into your ear canal. These caps are available in many varieties, and you can choose from them according to your personal requirement.

Tilt your head: This is one of the best physical method for removing water from the ear Even after performing this method if water doesn’t drain out, then tilt your head, lay down with the affected ear side on the plane gravity. This will definitely help in removing or draining water from the ear.

Chewing gums: While you are chewing gums, your jaws remain in motion. This helps you to drain out water from your ear. This is one of the easiest and most fun trick for removing water from the ear.

Vinegar and Rubbing alcohol: This is a very simple method to easily remove water from the ear. Mix white vinegar with rubbing alcohol. Put 3 to 4 drops of the solution in the ear which helps to kill bacteria in your ear.

Steam Treatment: Steam treatment is the best method for draining out water from the ear canal. Heat softens the ear wax to let the water flow out of your ear easily. Water must be boiled at optimized level, then dip a towel into warm water. After few seconds, put it into your ear. This step definitely helps to remove water from the ear.

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What should to be avoided?

If by chance the remedies didn’t worked for you, it’s best not to resort. Avoid use of ear swabs or Q-tips, fingers or anything digging into the ear. This can make the matter worse as:

  • Increase the chances of bacteria growth
  • Water can go deeper into the ear
  • Eardrum may get punctured
  • Can even lead to ear canal injury

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