Top 10 book cover design tools

Writing a book is no small feat but once it is done, another daunting task comes in that is getting it published. Almost all successful authors will attest to the fact that a book’s journey starts when it’s written, but once it is published, the entire focus goes on selling it.Top 10 book cover design tools

The book cover design is the most crucial market asset for a book. It plays a significant role in creating an identity for the book. Budding authors lack the name credibility and hence an enticing book cover design can do the job. Even with the new age gadgets and trends of e-books, a book cover design hasn’t lost its charm.

Many people are creating their own covers using an AI-based book cover design maker. These tools offer a plethora of online graphic design services and come preloaded with some templates which can act as your inspiration and provide a starting layout for your layout. If you do wish to create your book cover design on your own, these top 10 designing tools are our best bets:

  1. Design a cover image using Pixlr

Just as a logo design acts as a unique identifier for a brand, the image used on a book cover design is the very first thing anyone notices. This tool has found its place in the list as the cover image holds an equal significance. Pixlr is a cloud-based photo editor where you can edit your images to make them suitable for a compelling book cover design.

  1. Create your book cover with Designhill Book Cover Design

Designhill is one of the most popular AI-based tools that offers various online graphic design services such as book cover design, logo design, brochure design, and many more. The versatility of the tool and its user-friendly interface has made it a favorite amongst the masses with the AI’s intervention acting as a cherry on the top. The AI sets the foundation based on your preferences, and once you have the initial layout suggestions, you can customize the ones you like based on your requirements.

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Top 10 book cover design tools

  1. Customize a book cover using Poster My Wall

The tool is equipped with a library of book cover design templates. While it is relatively easy to master and the process will seem reasonably intuitive. Poster My Wall is connected to stock image portals such as Getty Images, Flickr, and Pixabay. You can drag and drop your images into the layout and edit fonts.

  1. Give Blurb BookWright a try

Blurb by BookWright is an affordable tool when you wish to design the internal pages of your book. It proves to be instrumental for illustrative books like cookbooks. The tool can also be downloaded and used offline. This self-publishing platform even helps you insert page numbers when you add the text and much more.

  1. Adobe Spark- the book cover design maker by Adobe

Adobe Spark is one the most affordable designing tools by Adobe which comes with a premium plan of $9.99/month. You can be benefitted by the abundant help materials such as video tutorials and blog by Adobe. However, if you wish to design more than a book cover such as the book’s promotional materials for social media, you can opt for a more versatile tool such as Designhill.

  1. Design a book cover layout using GIMP

GIMP is a free comprehensive designing tool similar to Photoshop. There is a particular learning curve to it which requires commitment and dedication to master. GIMP has many tools similar to Photoshop such as cloning and stamping tools. As you get more comfortable with the software, you can quickly create beautiful book cover designs.

  1. Spruce up your book cover design with Placeit
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A book cover is the reflection of the book and should be based on the content inside. You can design and choose the book cover design template based on the genre with Placeit. This is a remarkable step in making the cover a viable marketing tool for the book. While there is a small fee of $8 for downloading the covers you can get 3D book cover mockups which can help in promoting the book.

  1. Online book cover maker Lucidpress

Lucidpress provides free book cover templates which can be edited and customized, based on your preferences and requirements. The tool also offers remarkable templates for magazine covers and comes equipped with some great tools. You can create folders and even share your work with others which allows working in collaboration with the team. While there is free single user access, you only get 3 pages per document and not the print quality PDFs. The basic package for Lucidpress costs around $5.95 for a single user per month when paid up annually.

  1. Try designing a mockup using My Cover Maker

With My Cover Maker, you get access to free templates once you sign in. The tool helps you create covers for other exciting formats as well such as a binder, DVD stack, etc.

  1. Bundle the book using Calibre

Once you have designed your book cover, it has to be printed for a mockup or added to the e-book pages. Calibre is one of the most efficient e-book management systems that lets you read, edit and convert an e-book into any format. In case you have designed the cover for a physical book you can mail the book cover design to your printing agencies for the hard copies.

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Designing book covers used to be a complex and time-consuming task, but these tools have made it quite easy and approachable. Now you do not need to possess the technical expertise and finesse of a graphic designer. The AI does it for you, and in case you wish to dive a little deeper into the world of book cover design you can learn from the various tutorial videos and guides available over the Internet. Remember first impressions matter, and your book cover helps people decide if they wish to purchase it. Create a beautiful layout using these tools and keep in mind to keep it simple yet intriguing.


Design your own stunning book cover design with these AI-based futuristic tools. These online graphic designing tools come preloaded with some spectacular templates, making the job easier for you. It also provides you with powerful tools to create various graphic designs such as logo design, brochure design, and many more.on your own.

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