Top 10 online business card maker tools

Top 10 online business card maker tools

The entire business ecosystem is rapidly getting digitized. The influence of this is being felt extremely in marketing.  From emails, videos to social media, nobody is ignoring this ongoing revolution. Although these new branding techniques have revolutionized the companies, the good old business card cannot be replaced.

Business cards have been an integral tool for companies and professionals for many years. But because of the advancement in the technologies, a misconception has grown in the minds of people regarding its usage. Some people think that business card is no longer useful in today’s digitally connected world. But this is far from the truth. Business cards are one of the most economical marketing tools to make the first impression and tell a business story. As per the latest statistics, in the U.S. alone, 27 billion business cards get printed on a daily basis. This shows that business cards still have importance.  The numbers also explain that apart from your card, there are other business cards out there in circulation. This means it has become difficult to hold the attention of potential clients through business cards.  A well-designed business card has the power to influence clients in many ways.

Earlier, business card design used to be very simple. They were used to provide necessary information such as logo, contact number, office address, and fax numbers, etc. But today, companies and professionals have the option to put additional details more creatively. Thanks to the availability of incredible online tools! When it comes to connecting with the potential client or customers, every professional or business owner looks for all possible mediums. Every mode of connectivity can be an asset to them. Business cards are considered to one of the primary modes of connectivity with an influencer or a client. A well-designed business card not only shows professionalism but also reflects your services.

Design trends evaporate as quickly as they emerged. To keep you updated with the latest trends and designs, we have come up with top 10 online business maker tools that will help you in creating impressive cards within a few minutes.

  • Canva
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Canva, which is famous for web-based graphics, also provides the service of creating business cards online. The tool has thousands of layouts to choose from. You can even upload your own template to give a personal touch to the design. The highlight of this tool is that you can create the design on the backside of the card. Most of the images are free of cost. But if you are using premium images, you have to pay for those images. The designs you create will get saved in your Canva account.  You can make changes to those designs anytime. The card templates are created at their standard business card size, i.e. 2*3.5 inches. The richness and simplicity of the tools will make you coming back for more, every day.

  • Designhill:

Designhill is one of the leading platforms that provide graphic design services to all the professionals and business owners. One of its popular tools is ‘Business Card Maker.’ The AI-powered tool allows you to create cards industry and profession wise. You can choose icons, graphics, fonts, colors and much more from its pre-installed library. The easy-to-use tool doesn’t require any technical skills. You just have to follow a few steps, and your business card will be generated within minutes. The tool offers the collection of both modern and classic styles for free.  However, unlike Canva, you are not allowed to customize the back side of the card. Once you are done with your design, you will receive the final design in high-resolution vector files.

  • Jukebox:

For exclusive business card design ideas, Jukebox has a vast and different collection like wood, textured pulp, recycled paper—card shape, colors such as cupcakes, hearts, circles, etc. They offer gloss or matte finish, and pearl or foil coated. It has one of the best printing options featuring two-sided printing, full color, bleeding edges, all with advanced print and color quality. You can either chose the in-built templates or customize it from scratch. The major disadvantage is website navigation is complicated and confusing.

  • Free Business Card Maker:
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Shopify provides the tool. Though the platform is well-known to sell things online, it also offers various tools to help professionals or owners to market and grow their businesses. Free Business Card maker is a very simple and easy-to-use tool. You just have to upload the company logo and enter a few personal details like name, e-mail address, website URL, etc. Your business card will get generated within a few seconds.

  • Vistaprint:

When it comes to creating personalized marketing materials, most of us have probably heard of Vistaprint. The brand offers a large variety of unique pre-designed business card templates and images. Other features of the tool include matte finish, double –side printing, matching letterheads and envelopes, etc.  The major disadvantage of the tool is that doesn’t allow you to make any changes in the designs. It also lacks in creating round corners or mini cards.

  • Crello:

It is another excellent tool just like Canva. If you don’t like the UI of Canva, then Crello can be the alternate option for you. The tool comes with an option of customization that makes your card look professional. You are allowed to customize everything including card background, text, logo, etc. It has some great in-build templates to save your time and efforts. You can download the file in various file formats like PNG, JPG, PDF, etc.

  • PicMonkey:

Another great online design platform for your designing needs. PicMonkey started its journey with online editor services, but now it has come up with designing services as well. One of its great tools is a Custom Card Maker tool.  The tool allows you to start with the blank canvas after making a selection of design from in-built templates. You can choose various graphics, fonts, colors, inserting the company logo, etc. to customize the design. You can also design the backside of the card. Once you are done with your design, share it through email, snail mail, or Pony Express revival.

  • DesignMantic:
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DesignMantic offers you a platform to create business cards more professionally. Its Business Card maker tool allows you to create cards as per the industry and profession. You just have to choose the design, add your details and download the card. You can even upload your logo and design the backside of the card as well.  The tool has all possible designs and styles which can be customized as per the requirement.

  • Biz Card Maker:

It is another simple and free tool to create excellent business cards with customized graphics. Biz Card Maker tool comes with great designs and color options. The designs and text can easily be edited and change Just drag the elements using the dotted borders and place it as per the requirement. Once you are done with your design, you can download the final file in PDF and JPEG format.

  • Moo:

Moo is one of the best online platforms that fulfill all your printing and designing needs. If you want to create business cards with special finishing, then Moo is the perfect choice for you.  You can design your business card in three ways: By using their templates, by uploading your own full design, or starting with a blank template. Whichever way you choose, Moo provides high-quality business cards with detailed customization feature.


Small business spends thousands of dollars on their direct marketing efforts. They are unaware of the fact that business cards are the most potent and cost-effective direct marketing tool. They make you look more professional and legitimate. It is more personal and can build a brand identity. So, if you are low on budget but want to make a solid first impression, then go for these online tools. Don’t forget to mention your favorite tool in the comment section below.

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