Top 10 unique wedding dress shopping tips

Finding the right kind of style, design and color for the wedding seems a tough ask, especially when you haven’t planned it early. The gravity of the occasion is so large; it to come into a decision seems a difficult job. Purchasing wedding dresses is the single most important shopping for a bride; however, you can’t overlook other wedding dresses including bridesmaids, and maid of honor. Sometimes shopping experiences turn into disappointments because of confusion, unfit sample dress, unfriendly assistants and not a clear vision about the dress you really want to have. Therefore, first thing is to make things enjoyable by giving yourself plenty of time for shopping that includes fun elements like lunch, drink, probably a boutique appointment. A wedding dress is a valuable investment, and that moment of comfort and joy would probably never come to your life again, so give yourself much time to relax, don’t worry about walking away and check lots of sample dresses before you finalize one.

Match bridesmaids dress with the wedding style

An important decision apart from bridal dress and accessories is to find the right kind of bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes it is more tasking because you need to take decision on behalf of multiple people. Of course you should plan with your friends what they really want to. Conventionally, bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, but you can gently remind it. It is not always that you must go to boutique stores to get an elegant dress, many stores sell excellent quality, gorgeous cheap bridesmaid dresses. You just need to carefully planning it out and send your suggestions to friends. Always remember to match dresses with the wedding style and theme.

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Shopping Tips for Wedding Dress

Know your look

You have tried enough of those dresses but do not like it all. It means you are not 100% aware of your looks that what suits best with your personality and body type. This is the fundamental of any shopping that you know your body type and personality. You may like a mermaid style or A-line gown but  in actuality a ball gown fits you best. Sometimes, a friend can help you with that, but the best thing is to find out by your own.

Do it early

From a practical point of view, start the process of selection well ahead of your wedding day. As a rule of thumb, you must start initiating the process six months prior to D-Day. Do it early also applies for your appointment time, so if you want to plan for boutiques and other stores, you must book your appointment early. Also remember after your wedding dress, you need to look after bridesmaids and maid of honor dresses.

Set a budget

For some people this is the main important point. You can go with a definite plan if you set up a budget. You have a budget and stick to it, you probably won’t fall in love with an over budget dress. Also keeping a planning tool like budget calculator and daily expense app could be helpful.

Opinion matters but not too many

Ask for help from people close to you like your best friend or sister or someone who you trust completely. It is better to get good opinions but letting too many people decide for you can also turn into negative. So, let the experience to keep a little personal.

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Express your personality

A wedding dress is quite a personal experience, and it is also an opportunity to express your personality to the fullest. The wedding day is the moment when you can fully express your fashion personality and everybody will look at you. So, choose a dress that goes with your personality and taste rather than current trend or someone’s opinion.

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