These Top 3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence May Help Your Business

These Top 3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence May Help Your Business

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) may seem as a scary prospect on the earth. But in reality, it is having a large set of benefits to offer. This future technology presents a spectrum of opportunities for businesses intending to upskill their workforce and transform the customer experience.

Salesforce Einstein, a technology that infuses Artificial Intelligence features and capabilities across all Salesforce Clouds can generate models automatically. There are many similar AI technologies that offer innovative benefits. Amidst of jargons going on the viability of AI solutions on the positive side, AI is ushering a new age of human and robotic collaboration.

AI is going to be an important aspect for the UK economy; the UK government is expected to invest £20 million in robotics and AI, which symbolizes the growth of AI. In fact, though a small number of job losses happen due to AI, AI is not to replace human jobs. Business applications like Salesforce, G Suite and WorkDay have not replaced humans, in fact they have been freeing up valuable time for workers, so they are able to be more creative and focus on innovative and greater value activities.

We can present the adoption of AI in this way as well – AI can get done tasks that humans need persistent effort or continual inspection to enable. For example, an AI system can alert workers when toilet cubicles are vacant. AI systems can suggest efficiency savings, regulate lighting, temperature and acoustics in meeting rooms based on occupancy and agendas. So cost savings are guaranteed here. So there has been a huge move by mobile app development companies and other technology services companies in adding AI to their service portfolio. However, apart from the above value added business benefits, AI has many real world benefits to offer businesses. Let’s have a look into it.

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3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


  1. Streamline Repetitive Jobs and Avoid Risks

Artificial intelligence helps carry out jobs that are monotonous in nature. Machines can think and act faster than humans. They can also be employed to carry out dangerous tasks. Just take space exploration as an example, which is not monotonous. With metal body and having an ability to endure the space and hostile atmosphere, robots can explore the space that humans feel risky to get done.


  1. AI-powered Gaming

Today many games out there are AI powered. Machine intelligence regulates the game movement in response to our movements. In video games, AI is applied to generate responsive or intelligent behaviours, especially in non-player characters. AlphaGo, F.E.A.R., and Half-Life are a few of the many games out there that use cognitive intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to create wonderful game plays.


  1. Medical Applications

IBM Watson has been a leader in this space. Watson is a powerful cloud-powered, AI-based platform, which helps healthcare providers deliver optimum medical services. Named after IBM’s first CEO, industrialist Thomas J. Watson, Watson is capable of answering questions asked in natural language, so doctors can get insights into even complex clinical procedures more quickly and more accurately. AI-powered medical applications themselves can detect and monitor neurological disorders as they can simulate the brain functions.


Not just in the above areas, AI can also help businesses reduce production errors, cut down costs, and enable faster decisions that were never before. Chatbots, personal assistants and business assistants are other prime applications of AI that can help forward-thinking businesses move to the next leve

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