Top 3 private aviation companies

There is no limit in the sky. All the travelers prefer to live their lives without any limitation and to choose a private jet for their exclusive trips and diplomatic flights. In every travel itinerary it is important to work with the right private jet charter company, that will satisfy your needs.

Top 3 private aviation companies

XOJET is the first company to use a floating fleet. XOJET prides itself in being able to bring down the cost of flights for its clients. Currently, it is one of the top player in the midsize jet market in North America and has a fleet made up of only Citation Xs and Challenger 350s.


Blue Star Jets is one best aviation company. They can arrange you the access to the private jet for any charter flight to any destination worldwide within four hours. Blue Star Jets is the largest broker for private jets that offer its clients an impeccable luxury service and convenience. Highly professional operators that provide services to Blue Star Jets. Every of them meets standards that are set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


#3 Beechcraft Corporation (formerly Hawker Beechcraft)

Although stories of Hawker Beechcraft’s financial troubles dominated the agenda between 2012-2013, the company has been producing much-loved aircraft since it was founded by Walter H. and Olive Ann Beech in 1932. Trading under the name of Beech Aircraft Corporation, it is the first move was to introduce model 17 to the world. Otherwise known as the Beechcraft Stagger wing, which captured the imaginations of business travelers and air racers in equal measure.

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Beechcraft Corporation (formerly Hawker Beechcraft)

In 1980, Beech became a subsidiary of aerospace and defense company Raytheon, before acquiring British Aerospace Corporate Jets and its popular line of mid-sized Hawker jets in 1993. The very next year Beech Aircraft join with the renamed Raytheon Corporate Jets to form Raytheon Aircraft.

Business growing heights for over a decade. GS Capital Partners acquired Raytheon Aircraft in 2007 march and company was renamed as the Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. As Hawker struggled to pay the interest on the debt that was used to fund the purchase, the company announced it had entered into Chapter 11 protection in May 2012.

Following the collapse of a high-profile takeover from Beijing-based Superior Aviation, the company eventually left bankruptcy on its own as the newly re branded Beechcraft Corporation in February 2013. Still the company delivered its last business jet in the 2013 first quarter, it remains active in the market, with a network of 10 facilities in the US, UK and Mexico – along with more than 90 authorized service centres around the world – known as Global Customer Support, providing over 18,000 Hawker owners with spare parts and ongoing support.

At the end of 2013, Beechcraft Corporation was acquired by Textron, bringing together Beechcraft and Cessna in a new division called Textron Aviation. Beechcraft re-entered the business jet market in 2014 with the Hawker 400XPR which is a re-manufactured model of the Hawker 400 priced at $2.9 million under the Textron’s leadership. According to ingenious Express, After cirrus vision jet air craft launches most cheapest private jet, beechcraft will launch a brand new business jet model to give tough competition.

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