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Technology has been the greatest driving force in the world in modern times. The evolution power of technology has been employed in various spheres. Industries, man-power, telecommunication, media, etc. are some of the major platforms which run on the principle advancement of technology and the internet. News, services, banking activities, education, etc. are one click away in the internet world. 

Internet has taken the world by toll and has given rise to major evolutionary transformations. Internet has been a boon to the mankind. Numerous distinctive activities are made flexible and can be done from the comfort of one’s home. However, the cyber world has loopholes too. These loopholes hinder the activities of individuals by exposing them to hundreds of threats. As a result, internet users require massive scalable cybersecurity solutions. These solutions offer services for uncompromised security issues and keep a tab on the accessed servers by scanning them of any threat. 

Cyber hindrance may lead to the most disastrous results like data hacking, ransomware, data leakage, phishing, etc. among others. To resolve the cyber issues, cybersecurity websites came into existence. These websites work by establishing a private shield from unauthorized accesses, identification of cyber threats, protection of data privacy, protection of data hardware, storage and transmission of vital data, etc. among other key functions. 

Here is a curated list of the top 5 cybersecurity websites. 

1. The Cyber Beat 

It is one of the most trustworthy websites for accessing information about the security breaches in different sectors. The site covers hundreds of up to date articles focusing on the cybersecurity aspect. The site is also supported by a blog and offers maximum information to users daily. 

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The articles feature security hindrance activities in fields like national treasure, banks, businesses, media, currency and much more. The site hunts for potential threats who can cause severe damage to systems and networks. 

2. The Hacker News

Hacker News provides links to news revolving around distinctive cyber-attacks from different corners of the world. The news is subscribed by thousands of users and the latest news fall directly in their inboxes. It is a great way of educating individuals to know about the cyber threats and how to prevent their lives or businesses from preventing them.

The media site helps in maintaining threat-free network connections and has attracted millions of monthly readers like IT professionals, hackers, technologists and people who manage their works through the internet. 

3. Dark reading 

Dark reading features information related to cyber threats, vulnerabilities, etc. among other things. The site is well-known for technological trends in the sphere of cyber threats. The site offers a discussion platform for all the emerging and well-known cyber defence professionals. A free registration for grasping news and community reports is made available. 

The site covers distinct subjects about cybersecurity. The articles are based on topics like ransomware attacks, business attackers, security testing, enterprise security, operations, etc. 

4. CSO

CSO is a key cybersecurity website which features videos and post aimed for educating millions of internet users. Moreover, the content is also made available in written format. Independent research on cybercrime reports, national securities, website threats, business security, etc. are also achievable. 

The enterprise runs on the core belief of providing cybersecurity to organisations for establishing a competitive advantage in their respective markets. The websites run by forging strong and secure connections between distinctive departments. Thus, providing a shield for cyber frauds.

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5. Cybersecurity Insiders 

It is another key website featuring cybersecurity news coming from different spheres and sectors. The visual format of the website ensures that users are exposed to maximum information. The technology journalists work immensely in providing top-notch articles and keeping the subscribers up to date with the latest cybersecurity information.

The website also features webinars, reports, courses, events and much more. Cybersecurity articles can be scanned according to the filed option made available on the site. Popular posts, editors pick, recent posts, etc, are certain sections which provide the top-notch articles to the users. Hence, it is a comprehensive source for the resources in the field of cybersecurity. 

The ideal way of keeping a tab on the cybersecurity industry is to read articles and know more about the community works. Innumerable cybersecurity resources are offered by these websites. However, it is essential to make users understand that cybersecurity is a key aspect essentially required by millions of internet usersCybersecurity news is a key aspect to keep a tab on for protection against multiple internet threats. 

Numerous individuals fail to realise that cyber insecurity is a great threat to privacy and can cause hefty losses. Data breaches can cause heavy losses to an individual, company, organisation, customers, and anyone who falls in the trap via a single click. 


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