Top 5 Employee Advocacy Tools

Top 5 Employee Advocacy Tools

Employees are no longer just employees. In some organizations, they are shareholders, they are contributors and they are asset providers. Top of all, they are even brand advocates as well.

We all know how popular and relevant BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach in enterprises, where employees use their own laptop or smartphone to get done office works in office or even outside.

The latest employee-oriented trend is employee advocacy, where an employee promotes his organization on social media and other online and offline platforms. He recommends the company products or services to his friends or relatives by sharing the company’s posts on his social media.

Many reputed companies, including Starbucks, Trello, Zappos and Zendesk have shown us the power of employee advocacy by being able to skyrocket their brand value and revenue through it.

If you’re expecting to reap the finest benefits of employee advocacy or have not yet built an employee advocacy program and looking for the best tools to build it, here I am listing out some of the best employee advocacy tools in the market today.

5 Best Employee Advocacy Tools

  1. Bambu (

If your employee advocacy program is social-media-focused, Bambu is the best tool you can choose. It lets you curate content for your entire team to share. It even allows you to share internal messages like news and company updates.

With Bambu’s analytics feature, you can easily understand how well your advocacy program is going.

  1. Slack (

Slack beats one of the major challenges that employee advocacy programs commonly face – lack of internal communication.

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Slacks allows teams to quickly communicate with each other in real time.

You have a unique advantage from choosing Slack. Slack allows to integrate Bambu into it, so you will have access to all the tangible features these two platforms offer on one platform.

With the conjunction Bambu and Slack, you can keep your team up to date about new content to share, latest news and upcoming events.

  1. DrumUp

DrumUp allows you to discover relevant content to curate to your company content stream. You can add blog sections to the platform, as well as the RSS feeds of your website’s PR. DrumUp automatically updates the relevant posts to your content stream. Content stream is like a dashboard where all employees get access to posts that they have to share to.

DrumUp provides you an advanced analytics functionality, so you can track the number posts as well as the type of posts shared by an each participant.

  1. Kredible

Kredible is basically an online credibility management application. Focused on LinkedIn marketing, Kredible analyses your employees’ LinkedIn profile first, where it analyses current and past job titles and job descriptions of the employees’ profile.

The application also helps you push the ideal content to the targeted customers. And, also you can easily track employees’ activities and analyse their performance as well.

  1. lets you deliver the content you create directly to all your employees through a daily newsletter. They can share content from the newsletter on their social media pages without having to leave the page.

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The above tools are not just used by some e-commerce companies or other B2C businesses, even all sorts of B2B companies, including mobile application development companies and cloud companies are using these tools to harness the power of employee advocacy. If you have not yet built your employee advocacy program, choose any of the above tools to build it now.

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Hari Krishna is a well-versed content writer working in FuGenX Technologies, an emerging mobile application development company India. He likes to write on technology, start-ups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.

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