Top 5 Fields in Which B. Des Graduates Are Making Their Mark

There was a time when only a handful of professions were considered to be good. Other professions were simply thought to be not good or certainly not worth opting for. However, today people are getting more informed and have started accepting various other professions with open arms. Design is one field which has grown tremendously in the last few years. With so much on the plate to offer, people from all walks of life are turning towards design to make it as their profession.

Top 5 Fields in Which B. Des Graduates Are Making Their Mark

This exposure has increased the demand of b des courses in India. Various colleges and universities like UPES sensed the growth in its early stage and hence are offering tailor-made courses to the students.Upon completion of the course, students can choose from the various fields available for a fruitful future.

Here are the top five fields in which b des courses in India are letting the students make their mark.

Industrial Designing

The field of industrial designing is catching up at a fast pace. Industrial designers are responsible for creating systems and products that improve the value, function and appearance of the final product to meet customer satisfaction. Other key responsibilities of an industrial designer are to take into account the ergonomics, usability and viability of the final product.

Fashion Merchandising

All big brands of the fashion world are looking for skilled and experienced fashion merchandisers to create advertisements, campaigns and displays for retail and fashion houses. Every department needs a Wizard of Oz to make their offerings appealing to the customers,and design field students are making that happen. Fashion merchandising is all about knowing what customers want and offering them exactly the same.

Graphics Designing

One of the most sought-after fields is that of graphic designing. From big-budget movies to small campaigns, graphic designers are making their mark in numerous fields. They are ones who are responsible for making any campaign look appealing and intriguing for the target audience. Graphic designing professionals create concepts (visual) using high-end computer software to captivate consumer ideas that are informative and inspiring. From brochures to magazines, they develop the overall design for all.

Interior Designing

The world is turning towards making their home look beautiful by adding various aesthetical elements and opting for new-age décor trends. Interior designers are making their mark by creating a home design that reflects the owner’s persona. They carefully select each element to make the interiors of a house look upbeat and perfect. Interior designing is one of those design fields which is here to stay.

Visual Merchandising

It’s only because of visual merchandisers that we like entering a showroom and end up making a purchase. The job of visual merchandisers is to create appealing and attractive visual displays in retail outlets. From window displays to counters, walkways and in-store displays, they use their creativity to enhance the appeal of all areas. Their work is responsible for increasing buyer attention and sale.

The fields mentioned above are already in the forefront of the design field,and many b des courses in India cover all aspects. Students are advised to opt for a college or university that has a 360-degree approach to all the courses. This approach makes the students understand all aspects of the design world and are ready to get into any field of their choice. So, choose the best college/university to give your design career the required push to move forward. Because when it comes to deciding a career path, there should be no compromises made.


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