Top 5 reasons, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is good for growing websites

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Since the launch of first website in August 1991, we have come a long way with over a billion websites on World Wide Web today. With ever growing number of websites each year and the increasing traffic on them, it becomes imperative to seek out better options of website hosting which can better suit the needs. As far as hosting service goes, there are three contenders: dedicated server hosting, shared server hosting, and VPS hosting. Based on their features, all three are compatible with different needs, but, still it is enough to confuse the first time user. So, in this article we’ll talk about VPS hosting and hope that it would give you a better idea.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS Hosting:

On the spectrum of hosting services, VPS falls somewhere in between a dedicated hosting and a shared hosting. In a VPS, the user experiences the dedicated hosting in terms of its functionality at a much cheaper price. Though a VPS might be a tad expensive than shared hosting, but, is way far better in terms of its performance. Now, let’s check out the reasons which make VPS a forerunner:

A dedicated server seems farfetched in terms of costing:

For a growing website, a dedicated server is like buying a whole cake when you only needed a slice of it, which might not be very profitable. However, with a VPS a user is allocated with the functionality of a window dedicated server and several other key features like unmetered bandwidth, storage, dedicated IPs, SSL certificate.

The User is at the front seat:

In a VPS, with a vast control over the server a user has the steering wheel. User can install any kind of operating system as per the needs. Administrative access to the server, puts a user in authority such that one can install server level proxy, and modules, accordingly.

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Out of all the websites which are published each year, several goes down at numerous instances. Nothing beats the frustration of unavailability of a website, nowadays. However, With VPS, problems such as downtime gets reduced to a subsequent level. When a server goes down, being a virtual image of the server, the VPS can be rebooted on another server using a backup.


There were almost 6.2 million DDoS attacks through September of 2017. DDoS attacks are not the only threats lurking in the shadows, these days. However, VPS is comparatively more secure.

Easier upgrades:

When it comes to the growing demands of a growing website, it’s better for a user not to feel trapped when they are presented with the fact they have surpassed the capacity of their current hosting package. VPS provides options for such predicaments, it’s easier to upgrade to a package that is best tailored.

Ergo, VPS is not only easier to configure and create, but, also ensures high performance, and has a great support. These are just a few factors among many more, which makes VPS hosting more promising for growing websites.

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