Top 7 Beautiful Flowers that Improve Faster than Other

Beautiful Flowers

As they say it’s never too late to do a noble thing similarly it’s never too late to plant seeds and bear its fruits. You can start this anytime but if you’re thinking you are very late for blossoming your garden take this pro tip. Go forward with planting the flowers which grows quickly and easily. You can always find a gardener to make your garden bright and colourful and even you can try your skill set at the weekends. Invest some time in getting those seeds and the work doesn’t end after sowing seeds it is just the half job done. Rest remains providing it adequate water and taking its care properly will get us required results.

So if you’re planning to expand your garden or want to make a new one, we below have the list of some beautiful and fastest growing flowers which will blossom your backyard.

1. Calendula

Calendulas are bright orange and yellow colour flowers resembling the sunshine of the sun. Since ages they are being used in culinary and medicinal purposes. They are also called Pot Marigold. They are known as fast growing flowers and along with that are used as flowering cover crop for various other plants. It posses broad leaves and are very beautiful that they will brighten up the sight of your backyard garden. Flowers Bouquets online to your loved ones on their birthdays or any auspicious occasions to grace that event with these beautiful calendulas.

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2. Poppies

They are most unique delicate white, red, yellow and pink coloured flowers. They are fastest growing flowers which hardly require a month or two to grow completely. Proper sunlight helps them to flourish. They can even tolerate spells and looks beautiful when planted in big beds.

3. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum are wonderful fragrant flower and very easy to grow. They can be grown from a plant as well as from a seed. They can be grown in partial shade or total sun. The flowers are in various colours and shades of purple and pink, sometimes also in soft peach. When planted in masses it gives a hue of light honey fragrance. They are very easy to grow and they will in no time blossom your garden or backyard.

4. Cornflower

The Cornflowers are native to Europe and are quick growing tall blue elegant flowers. They spread vibrancy all over the garden or wherever planted. They are also called Bachelor’s Button. They are easily grown in sun location but can also be sown in mid winters. They are ideal for cutting and easy to grow. They are large deep blue double flowers and usually a cottage garden favourite. So if you are planning to develop a garden backyard, Cornflower is the most suitable option for maturing your garden very soon. You would even help the ecosystem as honeybees loves to suck the pollen of these flowers.

5. Marigold

Full sun and well drainage soil is most appropriate for the plantation of Marigold flowers. They are tall and erect growing up to 3 feet. They are large and globe shaped flowers usually of yellow, orange and slight red colour. They are Native to South America and North America. The bold and bright characteristics of these flowers best to blossom the summer garden. In Asian countries they are used for decorations in holy and auspicious occasions. They also attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, hoverflies and wasps which prey on pests and thus used as cover crop.

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6. Sunflower

These are my personal favourite flowers in the list. They are large yellow attractive flowers that symbolises summer. The central disk of the flower is yellow, purple or brown as per their species. They are grown best in the soil that has higher water holding capacity. When planted with proper fertilizers and drainage lines they will prosper in no time and make your garden luscious yellow all around. They will surely grow 6-8 feet in few weeks. Sunflower seeds are most helpful used in production of edible oil and the dries seeds are also used as snacks.

7. Nigella

Nigella is also called Love in a Mist or Devil in a Mist Plant and is an old cottage garden flower. They are used as a scattering flower plant along the border of other plantations. They are usually grown in spring and they start blossoming in early summer. They are delicate blue flowers and unique than most flowers. So if you are looking for a flower which blooms quickly these are the ideal flowers.  A Bouquet or arrangement of Nigellas would make Best Anniversary Flowers.

All these fast growing flowers can be used again every year and can be replanted wherever you wanted them to grow again. You can also take help of various Garden Planning Apps for more insights and knowledge.

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