Top Five Ways to Wear Polo Shirts Confidently

Top Five Ways to Wear Polo Shirts Confidently

No doubt polo shirts are the crucial essential of every wardrobe. From snowing weather to the summer season, a polo shirt is a perfect choice to maintain athletic style dressing. Whether you want to enroll in a tournament or just need to attend a corporate event, polo shirts are the right essential to look great and feel comfortable everywhere.

However, if you are thinking to amaze everyone on a golf course or office dinner then you must incorporate a polo shirt with your favorite bottom. Take a look below to learn the right ways for wearing a polo shirt like a pro.

1 Wear With an Embroidered Logo

Nowadays it becomes a popular trend to embroider a company or team logo on a polo shirt. In case you are also going to place an embroidered logo on your polo shirt then ensure to place it near left side in an appropriate size.

Just like a Logo Embroidered Dress Shirts, embroider a small logo on the left side of the polo shirt so you could easily showcase your brand identity in a professional manner. Else, it will not represent your style in a professional manner.

2 Avoid Wearing Under a Jacket

Polo shirts are not the right choice to wear under a jacket because there are not too fitted. By wearing a polo shirt as an undergarment chance are high that you will look like an immature person. This is because it will constantly slip from your sleeve or the collar side.

It is observed that a lot of people think that wearing a polo shirt with a jacket is a cool idea. Do remember a polo shirt is not an undergarment, so never worn it with a jacket or any kind of upper. So if you are trying to pair up a polo shirt with a jacket then you should look for other alternatives.

3 Select in a Perfect Size

When it comes to shopping a polo shirt it is imperative to look for the perfect size. Make sure to purchase a polo shirt in a size that is not too tight or loose. If you are unable to find a polo shirt in the perfect size then you should invest in a big size and get it tailored.

Make sure to tailor your polo shirt in a way that is not too fitted or loose. Otherwise, it will look like a dress shirt instead of an athletic style shirt.

4 Best for Athletic Wear

We all are well aware that polo shirts are specially designed for sportswear. It not only offers flexibility but also protects you from the high temperature of the summer season while playing on the field. This is due to its great features which absorb the moisture away from your body.

Polo shirts are made from a synthetic fabric that is specially created for sportswear. If you also love to play sports then you must invest in a polo shirt to dress up like a pro.

5 Choose the Right Colors

It is observed that a lot of people like to wear polo shirts in just white and navy colors. However, you can fill up your wardrobe with different shades of polo shirts such as blue, green, pink and more. By investing in these colors you could easily look great in the playing field as well as on different occasions.

Moreover, choose the right patterns as well as checks and stripes. In the end, it could be stated now that the shared guide is appropriate for people who want to look like a pro in the sports ground and various events.

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