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Nearly half of the work force is of the opinion, that AI as well automation will replace low level jobs in the future. It has been estimated, that nearly 5 million jobs will be lost because of automation and the numbers will be on the rise in 2022. The jobs that were more desired, and have been the major topic of many articles in websites such as administrative personnel and manufacturing will be the most hit as per a survey.

There are more surprises in store. Jobs of the future can only be envisioned at the present moment. So it is vital to get your skills updated as per the recent trend so that you can sustain in work environments of the future. Do you want to be earning member of the family? Kindly go through the article with patience. These jobs may become the sought-after studies of the future.



When the entire world is focusing on technology, do you think technical skills will not be in demand? However, there will be a shift in the skills required. The ability to spot patterns, retrieve lost data, and draw the target will be most valued.

CARE GIVING jobs for the future


Health sector is one of the fastest growing industries at present. There will be more discoveries and inventions, such as prescribing of medicine in virtual diagnosis, surgery done by robots and automation. However, a human presence will be required to ensure that these robots work properly.

A human touch is an aspect which a robot can never replace when it comes to medical care. So, the job of caregivers will be on the rise for a population that will live longer.

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Some of the jobs that will be in hot demand are medical technicians, work place ergonomics experts, pet care (there will be huge demand) and medical assistants etc.


3. Intelligence in social media platforms

A robot can be programmed to work, and give the precise results. But never can it manage interpersonal relations across different cultures, emotional intelligence etc. So if you are working in UK, you can still connect with a person at Philippines by means of virtual tools. So, you have to be really good in understanding media platforms and the way to effectively communicate in them.

app Developer jobs of the future


The world has shifted to the era of mobiles and even businesses have accepted mobile apps. Now, the jobs will be aplenty for designing computer applications on iOS, Android and other systems. In the future, if you are an app developer, you will be in demand across video game studios, marketing firms, advertising companies, financial institutions, government agencies and television channels.

computer systems analyst


Your responsibility is to ensure the computers in the organization operate in perfect co-ordination as per the business requirements. You have to co-ordinate with the managers of respective departments to ensure the IT-related needs are met.

web application developer


You have to have knowledge of multiple programming languages as well operating systems to design/create software that meets the specifications of the client. You need to have passion to learn a coding language, and it is not necessary to have a degree. There are enough educational systems (non- traditional such as youtube etc) to become a skilled technician devoid of a formal degree.

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nurse practitioner


You may have to serve the patients in the form of primary care providers. The duty may be similar to doctors. In case you want to become a nurse practitioner, you will have to earn the bachelor degree, but also secure a license. Then, you have to gain clinical experience and complete a master’s program. You will also have to pass the state-administered practitioner license exam. Your job will be either at hospitals or family health clinics.



People who got injured in accidents, may suffer from symptoms such as back pain, arthritis and spasms. If you are a physical therapist, you use tools as well technique to restore mobility, function in body parts and help them to get relief from pain. You will work with doctors, occupational therapists as well speech pathologists.

Of late, the home services industry has moved on to include even the hospitality sector. In recent times, qualified physiotherapists provide doorstep services to needy patients in co-ordination with reputed home services companies.


Your responsibility will be to co-ordinate and ensure that the patient gets the treatment properly. You have to take care of the entire department as per your specialization. You may work in various job titles as per the hospital. A few examples are – medical records manager, nursing home administrator, practice administrator and health care managers.


In today’s world, it has become mandatory to remain updated in a specific field. But it is also important that you know if the career you have chosen can provide a lifestyle as per the recent trend.

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But it is a fact that people may lose jobs due to automation. But more new jobs with an entirely new job description will also be created to adapt to the then technology trend. You have to keep in tune with the updates to ensure that your job is always secure.

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