Top Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Business Website

Mobile-Friendly Business Website

If you want to be competitive in today`s online market, your digital marketing agency in Dubai would have stressed the need for a mobile-friendly business website.

With desktop traffic decreasing over the years, people have consistently used their mobiles or tablets to browse for products or services. If you analyze how your buyers are browsing the web, you will discover that most of them do searches from their mobiles. So, it is important to reach your target audience through your website that is mobile friendly. Google studies reveal that 67% of users of mobile are likely to buy a product or service if your website is responsive to mobile and easy to use. On the contrary, 61% users are likely to leave your website if it is slow or not mobile optimized. If your site does not load well or does not look attractive or work well, then your customers will stop visiting your website. Rather, they will visit your competitors’ websites that provides a better mobile experience.For your business to stay with the trend of the users, you need to have a mobile friendly website.

If your website is not loading properly or does not read well on a mobile device or taking time to load on a phone or certain images are not loading well, then talk to your web developer from the best web development companies in Dubai about updating your mobile site and making it user-friendly.

With Smartphones and mobile devices becoming increasingly popular, it is best to optimize your website for mobile. Your customers are always with the mobile to gather information, to book tickets, to make purchases, to read reviews of product and services and for a host of other things. You should be there where they are. It is imperative to have a mobile-friendly website to give them that experience.

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Another reason for your business website to be mobile friendly is Google ranks your site better in searches if it is mobile-friendly. It was in 2015, that Google Algorithm change occurred in the way it displays mobile search results. It prioritizes websites that are mobile friendly over those which are not.

Just by having a mobile friendly website, Google will rank you high and your customers will easily find you in the searches. Having a mobile friendly website widens your customer base.

You need to use responsive web design to build or redesign your business website in order to make it look great and function well on any device. With responsive design, you can be assured that your business is putting its best foot forward in search results and in user experience.

In our fast-evolving digital space, your business will be seen modern and relevant by having a mobile friendly website. Even if you offer the best of services and products and if your website`s mobile experience is poor then your customers will leave elsewhere to find what they want. Mobile friendly websites are looked upon as contemporary, cutting edge.

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