Top Trending Mobile App Framework – Which Gives you More Benefits for Your Business?

There are over 6 million mobile apps in the popular app store. Developing an app for a business has become a marketing necessity now. It has become the platform to make a strong connection with the customers. Mobile apps have also become the most effective tool to help improve a business. Now, if you have decided the develop a mobile app for your business, the first and foremost thing to decide is the mobile app development, whether native or hybrid/cross-platform.

Native or cross-platform development

Which is best – Native or cross-platform development?

Cross-platform is used to develop a simple application with normal website features like news feed, weather forecast and others. If the app requires advanced interface elements, then native development is the most preferred choice. A native application is said to provide qualitatively better results than the cross-platform development. The native apps are considered far more superior than the best hybrid or cross-platform development.

Mobile application development frameworks

After deciding on the app development platform, you should choose the best mobile app framework that will be a perfect fit for your business application. Listed here are a few top trending mobile app framework used by mobile application developers in Chennai, because of its easy to use and quality features.

Appcelerator Titanium

This is considered one of the best frameworks for mobile apps ideal for creating a wide range of mobile apps using native or hybrid platform.


It is compact in size and is the best choice for building high-performance apps as it contains Cocoafish infrastructure. The platform-independent JavaScript API of this framework provides wide access to advanced features of modern gadgets. This framework contains a vast developer community which lets you find a solution for a problem with ease.

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It is one of the most renowned frameworks for cross-platform development for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.


It allows the developers to create every level of the user interface and business logic without compromising the application performance. The platform-independent API of this framework allows space for the creation of colorful user interfaces. The framework has its own set of tools, IDE and Xamarin studio, which can be integrated into Xamarin to help you solve the problem with ease.


This is an open-source framework designed for developing apps using CSS, HTML5 and SASS.


This framework is easier to learn and is friendly to beginners. You can master it in a very short period. The framework also contains a large number of convenient and well-designed templates, which can help you develop apps even with null knowledge of programming. There are a plenty of plugins offered by this framework at affordable costs.


This framework is considered the best JavaScript frameworks for developing high-performance cross-platform applications for various platforms like iOS, Android and Blackberry.


It offers two-way data binding as it is based on MVVM architecture. The framework offers coordinated rendering which in turn improves the responsiveness of applications, even with high-speed animations and graphics. This framework is easy to learn.


This is an open-source framework used by most of the large-scale IT companies. It is known for its unrivaled stability, which makes it ideal for working with teams and it is also easier to read the code and minimizes the chances of negligent errors.

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The two-way data binding existing in this framework does not require developer intervention for the updates. It quickens the server response time with the help of its application caching feature. The framework also contains a compact code.

JQuery Mobile

This framework is the most ideal for developers who want to develop HTML5 based multi-platform software for iOS and Android.


You can easily create UI themes with zero programming knowledge. You can use your JavaScript, CSS and HTML knowledge to the maximum. The special architecture of this framework allows quick deployment of updates.

Listed above are some of the best mobile app development frameworks. Your final choice can be made based on the project, the features of the application, its functionality and the requirements of the customer. For best mobile app development in Chennai, contact Seehash. They have used all the above frameworks to develop mobile applications for their customer.Contact them to know more about their services and turn your dream app into a reality.

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