Try HIIT Workouts- The New Exercise Trend In The Fitness Industry

For anyone who is new to the concept of HIITworkouts must know that this is the most powerful type of exercise schedule that delivers fast results. It is focused on challenging the ability of your body to accelerate the metabolic rate which results in faster weight loss.

Try HIIT Workouts- The New Exercise Trend In The Fitness Industry

HIIT basically stands for High Intensity Interval Training. As should be clear from the name, this kind of training requires a person to perform high power exercises for a certain period which is followed by rest time. To understand this better, here is a simple example of HIIT workout routine: run at a high speed for one minute and rest your body for the next two minutes. Repeat this for 7 to 10 sets. This kind of workout may appear a little difficult, however, it is just a matter of time and then your body will soon get used to it.

HIIT workouts are unique in the sense that they do not only make you burn calories during your exercise time, but also make your body keep on burning calories for 24 hours even after you finish the exercise. This process is termed as EPOS, which stands for Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption. The name is derived from the fact that the aerobic activity keeps going for a long time even after you are done with the exercise. This makes you achieve impressive results while balancing the fat to muscle proportion of your body.

HIIT can be considered as the best kind of cardio that produces impressive results in a little time. There is no other form of workout that delivers outcomes this quickly. Your body uses the stored energy while exercising and because you work so hard during exercise, the body keeps on releasing energy even while you are resting. This means that after you perform high intensity workout, your body keeps on releasing energy even while you are watching TV, sleeping or reading a book.

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These exercises work wonderfully well to improve your cardiovascular strength, and thus, serve as a great preventive measure to avoid heart diseases. They also work as an amazing conditioning method that conditions your muscles and tendons in the most ideal manner. Due to the high intensity nature of these exercises, they are widely used by the sports community to improve performance. Athletes, footballers and basketball players can avail incredible benefits by practicing this demanding workout method.

HIIT workouts are full of variety! You can include different sorts of exercises in this workout routine with an aim to add a flavour of excitement to the exercise plan. The combination of exercises that can be incorporated into this particular kind of workout routine is truly unmatched. Plus, because these exercises are performed for a short duration of time, you do not get bored soon. This kind of workout gives you the liberty to design your workout plan as per your preference by giving you the power to perform only those exercises that stimulate you to push your boundaries.

Furthermore, there is no need to join a gymnasium to get your body accustomed to this kind of workout schedule as there are many at-home HIIT workout modules that can straightforwardly help you in executing a result-orientated exercise schedule. These home exercise plans are developed by professionals and are particularly designed to help people formulate an effective HIIT workout plan that can be performed easily without the help of a trainer.

Such home workout plans are a great option for people who feel too bounded in a gym routine, but are eager to improve their fitness level by indulging in exercises that are driven by outcomes. Plus, when you choose to follow an at-home exercise routine you get the complete charge of your fitness schedule which can be executed as per your preference as well as available time.

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However, while using any type of HIIT program it is important that you follow a good diet that does not include oily or fried food items. It is also suggested to steer clear of junk food and alcoholic drinks. If you keep consuming such food items that are difficult for the body to process then any amount of exercise can not help you! You need to follow a healthy lifestyle if you are truly serious about improving your fitness level and losing the excess body fat by following the powerful high intensity interval training technique.

HIIT workouts focus on quality rather than quantity which means that such an exercise routine is targeted at making you exercise with high power but for a shorter duration of time. This concept of training is completely opposite of the traditional approach of exercise which involves low intensity exercises performed for a long duration, generally an hour.

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