What type of flowers to send for the occasion?

There is a countless number of flowers types and colors and unlimited number of bouquets. Each one has its own specific meaning, message and personality. Sending someone a flower bouquet is a very elegant gesture that will make a great impression.

Valentines Day Flowers

Needles to say, red roses are a classic sign of romance and love. Both the color ‘red’ and roses have been associated with things like Valentines day, wedding anniversaries and all romantic occasions. If you’d like to try something that’s a little different, you can try sending red tulips or red carnations. They will show how passionate you are about your significant other.

Birthday Flowers

The choice here will depend on the birthday boy or girl. A few questions to ask yourself are what’s your relationship to this person? Are they a friend? family member? co-worker? Significant other? What’s their favorite(s) type of flower? What’s their favorite flower scent? There’s a bouquet to suit every taste. For example, yellow flowers indicate friendship as well as joy and happiness. Carnations are the official flower for mother’s day. Know more about the person’s taste and what they prefer. Sending a bouquet of flowers sure is a nice gesture but sending them a bouquet of their favorite flowers or scents shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to impress them!

Wedding flowers

Most popular with weddings are white lilies because they’re sophisticated, elegant and charming just like every bride desires to be on her wedding day! They reflect a refined classy taste and are guaranteed to impress all the guests with their calm beauty.

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Get well soon Flowers

Someone who’s been feeling a little under the weather is going to want something to cheer them up and make them feel a little better, which is why we suggest a colorful flower with a joyful nature such as daisies. Peonies are also another great option to wish someone to get well soon because they signify healing.

You’re Beautiful Flowers

There’s no better way to tell someone they’re beautiful than by sending them a beautiful flower bouquet. You’re wondering what exactly to send them? We suggest you send them something that reflects their personality and unique qualities. Is she an elegant beautiful lady? Send her a bouquet of classy orchids. Is she cheerful with a smile like the sun? Send her a bouquet of colorful daisies! Paying attention to details when picking the right bouquet will make them feel extremely special and they will love you for it.

Send Flowers for occasion in Dubai

Dubai is the city of festival and events, every month there will be lot of occasions for different nationalities. Online flower shops are the right choice to choose variety of flowers online in Dubai that are suitable for all occasions from weddings to birthdays to baby showers to work events and so many more. You don’t have to go out to find the perfect bouquet because they provide fast flower delivery in Dubai and it will come right to your doorstep.

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