Ultimate Guide to Get Start with Yahoo Messenger

Ultimate Guide to Get Start with Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger is the premier messaging (IM) platform, used by desktop and
mobile users. Number of users throughout the globe depends upon Yahoo messenger to manage
their social groups, contacts lists and information; hold instant communications; and conduct data transfer services
to and from contacts all around the world.

Yahoo messenger was 1st launched in 1998, and it was one of the
oldest products in the market. The recent version saw a decline in user
base eventually, as a result of new services are on the market with new feature and technology.
Now, there are completely different kind of messenger services in the online market are available such as-
Google Talk, Face book, Whatsapp. 

The restructure of Yahoo messenger is redesigned
with new options. You’ll be able to share photos instantly, send animated GIFs, and
even unsent messages. It’s on the market for android, iPhone, desktop, and on the net via
your browser.

Old version of Yahoo messenger is not any longer supported.
To continue use Yahoo messenger, please upgrade to the latest version:

On mobile – Get the new app for Android or iOS.
On your computer
o Download, the desktop application for Windows or Mac.
o Go to messenger.yahoo.com to use this in your application.
o Chat right from Yahoo Mail.

The Yahoo communication app has
some extremely cool and distinctive options. It was re-launched as a brand new product
in 2015, designed to form group chatting easier and embrace support for better
photograph sharing and also the ability to send/delete messages.

Once you log in to your Yahoo! account, you’ll be ready
to invite friends, build teams, draft messages, “like” messages and send your own photos (even a whole
bunch at a time) and GIFs. Here are answer to some easy question to use Yahoo messenger.

 How to sign in?

You can sign in to Yahoo messenger with your existing Yahoo ID. And if you don’t have a Yahoo id and you want
sign in then you need to create a new account.

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How to Add Contacts and Create Groups

You can’t send texts through Yahoo messenger unless you have some Yahoo!
contacts. Here’s a way to do it!

From the web App
• To add new contacts, access Yahoo! Mail and use the Contacts button to search out your address book.
Click New Contact and enter the main details of the Yahoo! the account you wish to feature to your
list of persons to message.

• Making a gaggle message in Yahoo messenger is
finished after you begin a new message. Click the Compose New Message pencil icon and then opt
for create group below the text space. Click to create a new name for
the group associated add a nonobligatory photo. Enter contacts into the text space and message
them to make the group.

From the Mobile App
• From your mobile screen, click Invite
friends. Select any contact from your phone to ask them to join Yahoo messenger. If your address
book includes a completely different strategy of contact (e.g. email and text), then you
may use the menu next to the contact to contact them in those way.

• You may build a group message from the mobile app within the very
same method it works through the web app (see above).

 What are the new features?

  • Enhanced photo sharing – Now you can share lots of high-resolution
     at once, and swipe to view
    them in a photo carousel.
  • Unsend – Simply click “Unsend” to remove it from the
    and you regret sending.
  • Likes – You can now easily let the sender know you like it by taping his/her photo or
  • Animated GIFs – Express your ideas or thinking with animated GIFs (available on Android, iOS and
  • Offline and low connectivity mode – In case of low connectivity, the matter you share will be posted back once
    you’re online again.
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If you want any help
while using Yahoo messenger or you are facing any problem while using this service, no need to worry as Yahoo
support phone number
is available 24X7 for help support. The expert technicians provide instant and user friendly

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