5 Ways to Upgrade Your Boat

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Boat

Many people dream of one day owning their own boat. This dream is shared by many and achieved by only a few. For those who are able to achieve this goal, far too often, the buyer comes just short of making the boat go from something really cool to something that is a true experience for anyone who gets the opportunity to sail in it.

There are a lot of ways to upgrade a boat, and while they are extra expenses, when compared to the cost of the boat in the first place, it really is like going 95% of a marathon and deciding to settle there instead of finishing the race.

Here are five ways to finish off a boat to make it the best boat on the water.

1. Customized Seats

Whether it is getting a custom color or design, or changing up the entire seating arrangement, getting a customized boat seat is a good place to start. Again, this is going to look different for everyone because everyone has different needs.

If the boat is primarily going to be used by smaller groups, replacing the back bench or front benches with chairs could be a good investment. This will give more room and comfort for those riding, and when you think about it, sitting is what most of us do 95% of the time anyways.

On the flip side, if most of the time is going to be spent taking around water skiers and tubers, having more storage space and a general sitting area is probably better.

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2. Themed ‘Stuff’

Matching plates, glasses, napkins, and silverware can seem like a really dumb idea on a boat, but trust me – it makes a difference. Having random items around the boat that either match or follow a particular theme really does make everything seem a bit more enjoyable and intentional.

Even if it’s something as simple as having matching lifejackets, everyone will feel like they’re part of the experience, as opposed to just being a passenger on a boat.

3. Snacks and Drinks

Yes, most of the time there are going to be snacks and drinks on the boat anyway, but these need to be intentional and always there. A long day on the boat normally means more hunger than normal, and feeling limited to a lunch and a box of crackers can make an otherwise perfect day just a good day. Oftentimes, the food that is packed is not enough and people end up being hungry.

Whether it’s having a cooler that is always filled with snacks and drinks or having a separate storage area just for snacks, having the extra food is going to make a difference and even if not eaten, will give riders a feeling of having plenty to eat.

4. Boarding Ladder

If you’ve ever been swimming while boating, you may know the pain of trying to get back onto the boat. Sometimes there is no ladder and you have to be a Ninja Warrior to pull yourself back on. Other times, there is a ladder but only one or two steps, so you have to be a gymnast just to get your feet onto the ladder while holding onto the top. There are times when people decide not to get back into the water just because of this issue.

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Getting a four or five step ladder can fix this problem. Having the extra foot or two of space to get a good footing makes everything so much easier.

5. Party Time

This is definitely going to look different for everyone, but having a switch or a second mode to your boat will make a huge fun difference. For some, this may mean having a speaker that plays calm music and for others it could mean having custom lights, loud speakers, and chairs that convert into a game table.

No matter what party time means, there needs to be a way to get into this mode on the boat. It will keep everyone interested, engaged, and make you feel like you’ve got the best boat on the water.

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