Use Non-Travel Quotes To Help Your Conquer Your Next Travel Adventure


Tomorrow I’m feeling nervous about hitchhiking to Istanbul. Yet I had a BLAST hitchhiking the other day . That’s an irrational thought pattern but you might be going through the same thing with your next travel adventure. Irrational thoughts be darned.

Sometimes you’re totally psyched for a trip. Other times, you wish the week leading up to the event would never end. You’re worried about all sorts of (usually) irrational things.

Trying to stay positive you read through lists of travel quotes.

But why read quotes about travel when travel is the very thing freaking you out?

There are millions of quotes on every topic imaginable. Why not use some quotes from your other interests and use them as an analogy for your upcoming adventure?


My list of sports quotes on  Tiki Touring Kiwi are my goto source of inspiration. Perhaps yours are Taylor Swift, Star Wars, Michael Jordan, the possibilities are endless.

To help you get started with understanding how to make these analogies work for you, I’ve taken four sports quotes (no you don’t need to understand sport for this) and applied them to different worries you might have about your next journey.

“You’re always going to be criticized to a degree. Some people didn’t like Mother Teresa as well.” – Brendan McCullum

Perhaps you’re nervous because of what other people are saying about your trip. Maybe you’re:


  • going to a place some consider unethical like North Korea
  • you’re going to an All-inclusive resort and people are saying ‘that’s not travel’
  • perhaps you’re choosing to spend time exploring your home state and people are asking why you aren’t going further abroad?
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Mother Teresa was a legend for most, but there were still haters. Do you think she let them stop her doing what she wanted? Hell no. This is your trip, not everyone is going to like the idea of it. Luckily they won’t be joining you.

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.” – Gary Player

Perhaps you’re travelling solo for the umpteenth time and still get nervous before you leave. Maybe something went wrong last time?

When Gary said this quote, he was referring to golf, but the same goes for travel. Each trip involves planning, coordinating, experiencing, learning, and an infinite of emotions.


Each time you leave, you’ll learn and adapt your style accordingly allowing your travel experiences to get better and better. Some people might think you’re lucky when they see you have a once in a unique experience, but in all likelihood you didn’t get there by mistake. You created the opportunities by setting out solo, learning and adapting.

“I’m glad I don’t play anymore. I could never learn all of those handshakes.” – Phil Rizzuto

Maybe you’re worried about your upcoming group trip with a large group of people you’ve never met before. What if no one likes you? We don’t agree with Phil here as these handshakes are awesome (in full context he was joking but that isn’t obvious when you look at this in isolation).

Handshakes are a way of showing each other how much you appreciate them. Perhaps you could think of something unique you do with the people you grow closest to on the trip (maybe it’s a handshake, a look, a hug, a dance). You’ll never forget them then.

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“I’m always having fun in training and in boxing. I think it’s because boxing is my passion.” – Manny Pacquiao

Travel is a hobby for most, and a passion for some. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. But do you know your passion?

If you just can’t get excited for your upcoming trip, think about how can you incorporate your passion.

For myself, I’ve started attending sports (my passion) games in new destinations. I’ve seen epic football matches throughout Eastern Europe, watching a volleyball championship and even volunteered at a golf tournament! Oh, and ran my first marathon. All in the name of sports. The travels to new places are totally worth it now.

What do you think about using an analogy from a non-travel quote and applying it into a travel context? This is super fun for me (geek?) and not only helps me learn about myself, but helps think about things on a deeper level. Thanks for reading, Jub.

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