Victoria Secret’s Top 5 perfumes: Temptations made on Earth

Victoria Secret's Top 5 perfumes

How many times have we heard people say ‘Appearances can be deceptive’, but does that really stop us from judging a person outlook? The simple answer is No. And smell, for instance, forms an integral characteristic of such a domineering judge. Victoria secret is a brand that helps keep up with such high-end fashion and related accessories. It is famous for its lingerie, body mists, perfumes and so on.  Speaking of its perfumes the names, as well as the bottles, are sassy and bold. They are pretty little things which we women adore and want to possess. So here are the 5 perfumes which make the checklist of every woman.

Victoria Secret's Top 5 perfumes

Looking good is just not enough it’s the extra mile of effort that we take to present ourselves is what makes us unique from others.

  • Noir Tease

One of the best apparels that I have ever come across. Dressed in a transparent bottle, with a bold black embezzling, wears a black lace hat with a bright pink pump out system. As the name suggests the smell is warm and seductive. It has a floral but strong fragrance.

To list out its ingredients: mandarin, lychee, frozen pear, red apple, pea, jasmine, magnolia, freesia, gardenia, amber, sandalwood, praline, musk, vanilla, benzoin Laos.

It was launched in 2010 as an all occasion fragrance, but according to customer reviews, the best time of usage is early mornings and evenings.

It is available on at a reasonable price.

The current price of this product is $59.95 for 3.4oz.

Tease is a word used to refer to the physical conversation between two adults to engage with each other whether romantically or sexually its up to them.

  • Bombshell
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As the name suggests it’s designed for women with a bold attitude with an unnerving confidence and intimidating personality. It comes in handy in a pretty pink pale bottle with a pitch black ribbon tied on its neck and a pale pink designer bottle cap. It has a mild, lingering floral aroma and according to users, it lasts for about 4 to 5 hours.

As for its contents: Vanilla orchids, purple passion fruit and Shangri-La peony.

It is again a 2010 edition. It is available on many sites such as, eBay, Amazon.

The current price of this product is $55 for 1.7 oz.

Bombshell is used to refer a person with outstanding courage and a bold upfront which never fails the eyes of the audience.

  • Angel

This is another one of the intricately designed bottles with transparent angel wings. It comes in a tapered bottom transparent bottle with a pink liquid. The smell is difficult to describe in one word because it is a combination of musky, sweet, soft spicy and fruity. It is not known for its longevity but is well rated for its silage.

For its notes, there are plum, violet, gardenia, amber, pepper and a very rare ingredient known as ‘fragrance gold’ or agarwood.

It is available on at a discounted rate.

It has a very sensual smell and is addictive forms a great deal for physical attraction.

Angel defines a person who works up miracles for someone, it is defined as the help of the needy and desperate.

Victoria secret coupons offer discounted price with coupons and promo codes which are available in abundance on sites such as Groupon, Retailmenot, and Shopcoins. The offers are not just for perfumes but also apparels and other fashion related accessories.

  • Crush
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The bottle again is the eye-catcher with flushed pale pink appearance and a baby pink pump out system. It is one of the latest editions launched in 2016. Since then it has been the trend among many teenagers not just for its flirtatious smell, but for its lingering fruity nature. It’s sharp smell causes an adrenaline rush and an intoxicating atmosphere.

For the composition it has pink pepper, Treasure peony and Ashoka flowers.

According to customers this perfume has the perfect sweet smell combination lasting for about 4-5 hours and they have loved it to an extent that they have made multiple purchases of the same scent over the years. Such is the charisma of the scent on its buyers.

Crush states the temporary infatuation over a person of fondness. Modern day uses this term often to refer to their flings or one night stands.

  • Divine

This bottle is shaped to suit a women’s anatomy only the upper half though. There is no pomp and show in the bottle with a simple spray system. It is an old edition of 2000 and perfect for all occasion purpose. It’s delicacy is in its composition: sandalwood, cyclamen, lotus, hyacinth, jasmine, musk, water lily and rose.

According to its persistent users the smell is feminine, not too strong and is best for a date or a quick spritz. It is available on

Divine as it is well known means heavenly. Often used to refer to a combination of the words magical, mythical and out of the world.

All the above-mentioned details be it stats or composition notes have been thoroughly searched and put together in this brief article. All the products are named under the various shades of a women’s romantic era. This is a period of change where everything is about elegant appearances and lavish lifestyle. Victoria secret takes us a step closer to achieving this dream with minimal effort.

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The Victoria secret has been in fame for long now not only for its bestselling products but also for the ease of purchase and brand quality. Be it a matter of gifting products to loved ones or self-pampering it is one of the best and renowned shopping complexes. It was an instant hit from the time it was launched and now owns 1000 plus stores with online availability.

The perfumes are also available in roll-on for easy portability and travel worthy. There is also a special Victoria Secret sale during which one can get the products at the cheapest price possible.

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