How Vision board Changed my life

Vision board

I am sure that it is not rare to experience a feeling depression and all-timelow when you feel you are not able to handle the stress at work and the pressures at home. You will feel that you are not doing justice to either of them but still, you are doing things to the best of your ability. Dealing with this feeling of inadequateness could be very demoralizing and you might be lost not finding a way to get out of it. the general and spontaneous reaction to the situation is the overwhelming feeling of self-pity and ranting about the things that are pulling you down and how unfair fate has been to you. But, you must understand that if you want to be happy, you will have to search it for yourself. I did it when I came to know what is vision board?

Vision board

Vision board

If you are wondering what is vision board? and how it helped me to recover the happiness I had lost, read further. A vision board is nothing but a tool that can be used to help you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goals. My goal was a happier life and the vision board I created had things that I enjoy as well as the people who are important for me. Slowly but steadily I could see that I resorted to a career change which I was quite skeptical to take earlier. This not only helped me to handle pressures at home and the reduced stress that resulted from doing the job with focus and concentration won me laurels at the office and  I had enough time to spend with people I wanted to. Consider it just a coincidence or a wise decision I made, Iattribute it to the vision board and That is why I love and recommend the use of vision boards to all those who feel depressed and low.

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The Vision board actually acts on the principle that if you are able tomake the subconscious believe what you want by keeping the vision board in the place you will see it often, you will be able to focus on things you really want and also get it recorded and help your subconscious mind to focus on the things you want, which attracts people and things that can help you achieve what you want and change your life.

Word of caution

Vision boards are only tools to develop focus. But unless you know what changes you want in life and taking appropriate actions to realize the goals is what will determine whether the vision board helps you or just lies in the closet without any purpose. If you were to consider my case too, I was able to make a career change and seemed to enjoy it because I had the qualification to take up that job but had opted for the other thinking that the other would be appropriate which was not so.

The possibility to change career was because I had opted for two specializations in my Post graduation course and the choice of a job in one specialization was stressful while the other was what I dreamt for and happy that understanding What is a vision board? and its purpose andlimitations clearly helped me identify and change my life for good. But thinking of career change without essential qualifications will get you nowhere. If not, you should be patient enough and qualify yourself to take up the job you want.  This means not only getting the vision board ready but also planning your actions in such a way that it will help you realize your dream and change your life.

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