Vital FAQs about Root Canal Treatment in Kids

Root Canal Treatment in Kids

The word “root canal” strikes fear in the hearts of many till date the moment it is pronounced.  There are many parents who start panicking the moment they find that their kid needs a root canal. Have you ever given a thought about what will you do if the same happens to you!

The reputed dentists suggest that kids have to be brought to the dentists after their very first tooth erupts and no less than 12 months of age. Through regular check-ups, your child’s dentist can prevent any kind of tooth decay that can get worsened if ignored.

Your child’s dentist can suggest a root canal treatment if his or her tooth is severely injured. So here an attempt is made to enlighten you more about this treatment through the FAQs about it so that you can take an informed decision the next time you are told about the root canal treatment.

  • Are root canals safe for kids?

If performed in the right way, baby root canals are absolutely safe for kids. The materials used in this procedure are compatible with the body and therefore no harm is caused.

  • What is baby root canal?

When there happens to be a very deep decay that actually ends up affecting a part of the nerve, it most probably needs a nerve treatment. This is most commonly known as the bay root canal. This process involves removing a part of the nerve and placing a medicated material over it. The tooth is then covered with a cap or a crown. This happens to be a more long-lasting restoration of the teeth.

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Root Canal Treatment in Kids

  • What symptoms will your kid experience for requiring a root canal?

The pain in the tooth can migrate or move away from the tooth root itself and into the surrounding jaw bone. This will cause more pain and also form an abscess. So you should immediately contact your dentist if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned below in your kid:

  • Lingering sensitivity to hot liquids
  • Lingering sensitivity to cold fluids
  • Pain to the pressure of biting
  • Sensitivity to the sweets
  • Pain that transfers from the tooth to another area like the temple, neck and ear
  • Intermittent or constant pain
  • Spontaneous toothache such as the one experienced while watching a television, reading a magazine etc.
  • Pain occurring in response to the pressure transformations in the atmosphere such as while swimming to the bottom of the pool or flying.
  • Severe or throbbing pain
  • Pain that can occur in repose to the postural changes like going from a standing position to that of a reclining one.
  • Swelling
  • Is baby root canal safe for kids or should they be avoided?

If a tooth can be saved with the help of a root canal then it is the most advisable treatment for it.  Although it is just a baby tooth and it will eventually fall but you should keep this in mind that this tooth is responsible for holding the space for the permanent tooth that is developing below it.

If left untreated, then the infection can spread downwards and affect the permanent tooth. Added to that, it can affect the eating habit of your child, cause pain, disrupt her level of concentration in the school and may even cause a bad infection that can require medications and hospitalisation.

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The above are some of the most important FAQs about baby root canal treatment in Delhi. Now that you have got some idea you can be more confident and take your child for root canal without any doubt whenever your dentist suggests or you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above. This will ensure that your kids can flaunt their pearly whites for years to come.

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