Wedding Ring Sets with Unique Designs

Wedding Ring

Everyone has a story to tell. That’s the good thing about jewelry is because it can help resonate and stamp the uniqueness of the individuals who are wearing them.

For couples, the stories they possess range from the unusual to something that may be out of this world. This is why their diamond wedding rings should be crafted to speak of that story or prompt people to ask about it.

The best jewelry stores Vancouver will accommodate even a difficult design, so if you have a design in mind, find a good jeweler to help you customize your ring.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we will list some wedding ring sets that can pique your interest.

1. Old is New Again

Vintage will never go out of style. The good thing about it is that it can be passed on as an heirloom for generations and will never look dated.

The designs mostly come from romantic eras like the Victorian. These have distinctively design elements that you will unlikely find on modern wedding rings.

You can also opt for an antique style ring. Put some milgrain, filigree, and ornate embellishments to make your ring look as stylish as the culture of that era.

2. Get Color

A wedding ring with a brilliantly colored gemstone will turn heads and attract attention, not just because of its beauty, but because it is sure to tell a story from the wearer.

Pair a sea of diamonds with a brilliantly colored gemstone in the center or pick out different complementary colors and set them on all the rings to have something truly unique.

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3. Get as Fancy as You Can with the Cut

A cut is the most important factor in showing the beauty of the diamond because it helps with showing the brilliance and sparkle of the gem.

Make your wedding rings Vancouver stand out from the rest by asking to have a unique cut on your gemstone. Surely, people will notice your ring when it’s struck with light if it has a great cut on it.

4. Don’t Put the Diamond in the Center

Most diamonds near me search shows the gem placed squarely in the middle of the ring. And that will give you the idea that to have a unique wedding ring set, don’t go for something that has it in the center.

Get a ring with multiple diamonds and gems so that you can have more options for your ring.

A wedding ring is a seal of your commitment to one another. Pick a unique design and increase its value for you and your loved one by making it as unique as your love story.

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