What are some strategies to throw a party in your home?

A month before the day of the party

Let’s be honest. We have all dreamt of organizing the perfect party for our friends and families at one point or the other, but every time it failed somewhere even for one of the pettiest reasons of the lot. Because a house party is a significant of social gathering where people come and meet each other.

A month before the day of the party

So did you not plan well enough? Or did you lack the zeal to turn your ideas into a reality? No; those are definitely not the reasons. In fact, you did your best to be the perfect host in town, but something, somewhere still went wrong.

There are so many works are there to do for organise a party at home. Contact with sound system provider, make a guest list, a good caterer for food supply etc.

Don’t despair now. Mistakes aren’t a problem. Ignoring them is. Who knows? You might very easily prove everybody wrong in your upcoming party by hosting the perfect little reunion in town. The following tips can also help.

A month before the day of the party

Outline a theme, confirm the same, and stay organized to make that a success

Outline a theme, confirm the same, and stay organized to make that a success

  • It’s an excellent idea to base your party around a theme. It can be a Mexican party or a superhero party or better yet, a family pool party (would be refreshing in the summers). Whatever it is, you need to decide on it ASAP, preferably one month back, so that you can move over freely to the next steps.
  • Once the theme’s confirmed from your end, you need to decide on the location and the date of your party. Make a few phone calls to confirm the same without any further ado.
  • Chalk up a few lists for the party. These should include things like:
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1) A detailed “to-do” list.

2) A shopping list.

3) A cost sheet formed around your budget.

The lists mentioned above should be flexible in nature so that you can update the same regularly based on your choice and requirements.

Three weeks before the day of the party

Preparing invitations

  • Only three weeks left. It’s high time you start preparing on your invitations so that nobody gets left out for bad.
    Preparing a comprehensive list of guests is no mean feat indeed. You have to take the opinion of everybody in your family (including the kids as well) to make a comprehensive guest list, on the whole. That definitely counts as hard work; there’s simply no doubt about it.
  • If your party’s based around a theme, try to incorporate the theme into your invitation card designs to create a more realistic effect for good.
  • Don’t forget to include your party location, date, and time in your invitation cards. Missing out can result in confusion.

Two weeks before the day of the party

Two weeks before the day of the party:

Fixing the menu, party equipment, and the decorations

  • A simple menu is more than capable of doing the job effectively well for your benefit. An appetizing starter (like a salad), a simple main course (such as grilled steaks and veggies), and a delicious little dessert should be enough for the occasion.
  • Have champagne for the adults and soft drinks for the kids.
  • Regarding decorations, we would advise you to go for brighter colors (summer and bright colors are a match made in heaven), in general. Brighter colors go easy on the eye, especially in the summers. The more, the merrier.
  • As far as party equipment is concerned, our suggestions would be to go for a bouncy castle and an inflatable pool. The kids would love it for sure.
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Note: Once you decide on the type of your party equipment, you are advised to contact the service persons as soon as possible (via phone) for a prompt delivery of things on the aforementioned date. Leaving things late can result in a disaster.

One day before the day of the party:

Finishing the prep-work

  • Give your party space a good cleaning.
  • Set up the decors.
  • Start preparing dishes that you can refrigerate overnight (for e.g. ice creams).
  • And lastly, finalize the dresses for your party.

Note: In case you need some professional help, feel free to get in touch with party planner London. They are always ready for more than happy to help you.

So that’s basically it then. Hope you host the perfect little party with the organized tips mentioned above. Goodbye and good luck!

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