What are the types of embroidery digitizing?

What are the types of embroidery digitizing?

For affordable embroidery digitizing, a digitizer has to keep in mind the requirements of the customers to keep them satisfied. Many of us know about the embroidery digitizing! It is known out to be the earliest computerized machine embroidery that could create designs by placing one stitch at a time. An artwork can be easily converted into a digital format using the embroidery machine and this is possible only because of digitization. The end result of embroidered design that comes out depends on the quality of digitizing. There are many types of digitizing companies in Canada and many types of embroidery digitizing being part of it. There are few of them discussed below-

  • 3 D Embroidery

3D embroidery is also known as puff embroidery. It is a special form of technique that gives three-dimensional appearance to the embroidery. A layer of foam is placed just under the area into which the design will be embroidered. A high stitch density is used to cut the foam for easy removal and also the foam beneath the design will not show. So this creates the perfect design to suit your embroidery needs.

  • Applique

Applique is the French term that means ‘applying’. Embroidery Digitizing is all about cutting away the decoration and trimming from one piece of fabric and stitched to another to add dimension and texture and also to reduce stitch count. So this is very useful for the embroidery designs that are to be perfect with their designs requiring no extra or loose threads to be snipped by hands.


Backing is also one of the main types of the embroidery digitizing in which woven or non-woven material is used underneath the item or fabric that has to be embroidered in order to give support and stability for the needle to penetrate. It is best used when it is hooped with the garment. It can also be placed between the items that are to be embroidered and also between the needle plate on flat bed machines.

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Bean Stitch

These stitches are placed back and forth between two points and are often used for outlining as it eliminates the need for repeatedly digitizing a single-ply that is running stitch outline.


It is the type of embroidery which is commonly found in appliqué and athletic applications that are characterized by a design surface comprising of heavy loops of thread and sewn with heavy threads or yarns. Chenille is created on specialized embroidery equipment and needs proper attention while working on it to get the best design out of it.

Condensed Format

Condensed format is the method of embroidery digitizing where a design is saved in a skeletal form, so that a proportionate number of stitches may later on be placed between the points that are defined after a scale has been designated. If a machine can read condensed format, the scale, density and stitch lengths in a design might be changed.

You can get your designs digitized in so many styles but to get the best and superior services of embroidery digitizing, you need to grab the best services that are professional and affordable too. So, it is important to take care of all the factors that may affect your design to get the best services.

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