What Are UPVC Windows?

UPVC Windows

The acronym UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, a material commonly used on window frames and windowsills. UPVC is seen as a viable alternative to wooden windows and even windows created using PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride. 

As the name suggests, the main difference between UPVC and PVC windows lies in the fact that the material is unplasticized. Due to the lack of an additive, UPVC windows are made from a more flexible material than their PVC counterparts.

UPVC windows are often utilized in various settings, including churches, schools, and homes. The windows are long-lasting and require very little maintenance due to the chambered extrusion used in their creation. 

Advantages Of Using UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows Are Cost-Effective – The main advantage to be grasped when purchasing a window made from UPVC is the cost. Due to the low cost of the material from which the windows are made, UPVC windows are much less expensive than PVC and even aluminum windows. 

While most aluminum windows are priced between £500 and £1000, UPVC windows can be obtained for as low as £200. In addition, the price of an aluminum window sash can climb to as high as £3000, while the average highest price for the same service in UPVC is as low as £1200. Homeowners who desire the advantage of a tilt and turn window could find themselves out as much as £1300 at the least when dealing with aluminum windows, whereas a tilt and turn UPVC window may cost only £350. 

While, in some cases, PVC windows are cheaper than aluminum windows, their prices do not differ enough to compete with the inexpensive UPVC windows. Also, the high costs of quality wood would make it difficult to find a wood window that even approaches the affordability of the UPVC windows. 

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UPVC Windows Provide Excellent Insulation – Unlike the commonly used wood windows, UPVC windows are thermally efficient. This means that not only will the UPVC window keep the cold air out. It also has a tight seal that will trap warm air inside the home. Using gaskets, UPVC windows actively work to maintain the house’s temperature, thus reducing the energy costs by ensuring that less heat is needed to warm large spaces. 

UPVC windows also work oppositely during hotter months. Homeowners with air conditioning may need to run their units less due to the efficiency of the tight seals that work to trap the air inside the home. 

This thermal efficiency works hand in hand with the window’s inexpensive cost and set-up, ensuring that owners continue to save money long after their windows have been installed. Research by The Energy Saving Trust has found that in some cases, homeowners stand to save more than £100 per year if they use A++ windows. 

UPVC Windows Help With Noise Reduction – Unlike most other window options, UPVC is one of the only windows that actively reduces noise levels. Homeowners living in busy neighborhoods where commute can interrupt their sleep, work, or simple relaxation can find comfort and peace in the use of UPVC windows. 

Due to the UPVC windows’ tight seal, they can significantly reduce external noise allowing the homeowner to find the peace and quiet they have been longing for. 

UPVC Windows Are Durable – Where wood windows rot and require maintenance or replacement that can prove quite expensive depending on the type of wood used, UPVC windows are incredibly long-lasting. Because they are impervious to rot, UPVC windows can have a life span of up to 30 years. 

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Degradation of UPVC windows is slow, and in some cases, with proper care, UPVC windows can last more than 30 years. The maintenance of UPVC windows is another boon as the windows usually only require cleaning, and most damage can be repaired with accessible tools and minimal experience.  In the cases where maintenance cannot extend the life of the window due to the low cost of replacement windows, homeowners still stand to save money even after the window loses its functionality. 

UPVC Windows Provide Security – In many cases, intruders will view windows as easy access points to gain entry into homes due to the increased security added to most doors. Appropriate locks and alarm systems may deter criminals, but a rotting window that is easy to remove may render all security obsolete. 

In these cases, the durability of the UPVC window is paramount. Due to its long-lasting capabilities, UPVC windows will actively bolster any security support provided by the homeowner. Thus ensuring the safety of the house’s occupants for as long as the window is maintained correctly. 


In conclusion, while there are many window options for home and property owners to choose from, it is essential that before a purchase, individuals research the advantages and disadvantages of the window of their choice. 


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