What Is a Paracord Mouse

Paracord Mouse

If you’re a gamer or a frequent computer user, you know having the right gear means everything. In this post, we’ll break down what a paracord mouse is, and why people buy them, in this order:

  • What Is a Paracord Cable?
  • What Is a Paracord Mouse?
  • Can I Use Paracord With My Existing Mouse?
  • How Does a Paracord Mouse Stack up vs Other Mice?

What Is a Paracord Cable?

The Short Version:

Paracord is the best type of mouse cable out there. It’s as close as you can get to the freedom of a wireless mouse, without any wireless drawbacks. It’s available in every color and length you can imagine. 

The Long Version:

Paracord is a type of nylon cord that was developed by the military for paratroopers decades ago. Hence—para(trooper)cord—see what they did there? The material was designed to be strong enough to hold a parachuter in place, but also extremely flexible, light, and durable. 

Paracord rope is widely available, so tech people who were tired of stiff, slow, draggy standard mouse cables co-opted it for use with computer mice. 

Is Paracord The Same Thing As a Braided Cable?

No. Braided cables generally consist of a rubber covering over a layer of foil, wrapped over the cable’s wires. Paracord surrounds the individual wires, making for a simpler, more elegant cable.

What Is a Paracord Mouse?

A paracord mouse is a mouse you can buy from many online or physical retailers, with a dedicated paracord already attached and ready to go. The cable generally comes permanently connected to the mouse and plugs into your USB slot. 

Purchasing a dedicated paracord mouse with the cable already installed is the fast, easy, turnkey solution for gamers and professionals. There are hundreds of models, specifications, and customizations to choose from when it comes to the mouse, and the paracord cable it’s attached to. 

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Can I Use Paracord With My Existing Mouse?

Yes and no. It depends on what kind of mouse you’re trying to pair it with. 

Mice With Detachable Cables

You’re in luck! If your current wired mouse has a detachable cable, some companies offer plug-in paracord cables with a variety of different options for interfacing with most standard detachable-cable mice. Just swap out the old cable for the paracord, and you’re good to go. 

But double-check that your mouse cable is a simple plug-in and the paracord cable interfaces with it. Many paracord cables you’ll find online aren’t plug-and-play and require you to disassemble and reassemble the mouse. This brings us to…

Mice Without Detachable Cables

Many top-of-the-line gaming and professional mice have the cable built into the mouse body itself, which means if you want to keep your old mouse, but swap out the cable for paracord, you’ll have to get out the screwdriver and take it apart. 

You can find tutorials online on how to do this, and it’s best to research based on the specific mouse model you’re taking apart. While it’s more trouble than buying a dedicated paracord mouse, most people with a little tech-savvy and patience can install a paracord cable successfully. 

Can I Make My Own Paracord Cable?

Maybe. Making your own paracord cable is certainly possible, but it’s complicated and time-consuming, and you may not get it right the first time. Here are the three main factors to consider:

  • How Much Time Do You Have? Factor In…
    • The time it’ll take to do research 
    • The time it’ll take to learn any new skills
    • The time it’ll take to complete the build
    • The number of paracords you want to make
  • Do You Have the Right Tools? You Might Need…
    • Soldering iron
    • Desoldering tool
    • Wire strippers
    • Device to measure conductivity
    • Proper size screwdrivers
    • Bodkin tool
    • Superglue
  • Do You Have the Right Materials? You Might Need…
    • New mouse feet
    • Solder
    • USB A Male connector and cover
    • Heatshrink (multiple sizes)
    • JST PH 2.0 5-pin connector
    • Paracord
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If you’re really into the idea of making your own paracord, there are online tutorials to show you how. But keep in mind, it’s a lot of work, and it might not turn out on your first try. 

Buying a paracord cable is incredibly affordable and easy by comparison. 

How Does a Paracord Mouse Stack up vs Other Mice?

Paracord vs Regular Wired Mice

A paracord mouse is hands down the better option when it comes to gaming, professional, and even general use. It’s lighter, more durable, flexes more easily, and has less drag than any other mouse cable available.

Paracord vs Wireless Mice

A wireless mouse technically has less cable drag and more flex than a paracord mouse, but just barely. And when you take into consideration a wireless mouse’s lag factor (it has to transmit commands wirelessly) and the fact that a wireless mouse will need to be recharged again, and again…a paracord mouse is still the better way to go.

The Takeaway

A paracord mouse is currently the best option for gamers and professionals, so consider switching if you haven’t already. And if you love your current mouse, but it doesn’t have an exchangeable cable, you’ve got options to convert to paracord. You won’t regret it.

So Now You Know All About Paracord Mice

Do you agree it’s the best available option? Do you have hacks and tips for buying or installing a paracord cable? Comment here and share the knowledge! 

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