What Is An Email Extractor And Why Do You Need Email Extractor?

What Is An Email Extractor And Why Do You Need Email Extractor?

‘Email Extractor’, It is the most common term used by the digital marketer. If you are learning digital marketing or your occupation is related to marketing, then definitely you have heard this word.

Generally, in marketing one do have his own area in which people listen to them or he/she is good in selling in that particular area but in digital marketing it differs somewhat due to digital world and the digital marketer have large opportunity to sell their product or service.

‘As in marketing the marketer do collect the address phone no etc… of a customer so that they may target them visiting him or her, whenever there will be any product or service to sell.

In the same way email extractor is the process of collecting email of the customer. So that you can target that particular audience whenever you have anything to sell and it is also used to generate traffic in a website or application’.

Email extractor is also known as email marketing. Now a days email marketing is a trend of digital marketing but a little part in the ocean of digital marketing.

How emails are collected?

There are huge techniques of collecting emails in digital marketing. Among them the most popular ways of collecting the emails are:

  • Sign up form – The sign up form we generally get in blogs or website is one of the way to collect our emails. And by signing up we get their latest updates of blogs or any kind of service providing website it’s necessary to have sign up form.
  • pop-up window – Several times you may have noticed one pop-up window appears in our screen to subscribe their news subscription. This also one of the way of email extractor.
  • Some website ask you to be registered in their site to read their full articles. This is also a technique of email extractor.
  • Survey website, applications etc.… are also methods of email marketing.
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Why emails are collected?

There are various of own and own reason for collecting emails. All of we know that in 20th century data is the most costly thing. So below there are some reasons why emails are collected.

  • Selling any service or product. You may have noticed you get the emails of several products links or eBook or any kind of offline or online services. This is one of the greatest reason of collecting emails.
  • Traffic generation: – To generate lead or sell first of all you need a good customer base. So, email extractor also helps you to generate traffic in your blog, website or application.
  • Some company collect email address also to sell those to other organizations.
  • An email address is now a days contains all the things you like or dislike, Your self details, What you do, What you are looking for etc. So, Throughout the email address they can generate a good targeted audience.

Futures of email marketing

This is 20th century and now a days data is one of the costly thing you have. So now a days it’s very important to collect emails. The more emails you have the more data you have and the more billionaire you are. The importance or cost of data what we know will be double or triple in coming years.

I hope, you have got the minimum idea about online email extractor. Thank you for being upto last.

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Ashis Kumar is working at We Bring Ideas as a chief editor. And as a digital marketer, he loves to share his ideas through blogging.

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