What qualities do the best will writing specialists have?

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A will is a legally binding document detailing how you wish your assets and affairs to be dealt with after your death. It is one of the most important documents that you will ever write.

Will writing specialists are people who are experts at writing wills and ensuring that they adhere to the law and cover all the requirements made by the law to ensure your will is legally valid after your death, and not open to challenge.

Creating a will comes with many, very important, benefits. Ensuring financial security for loved ones after your death is a priority for most people. And knowing that your property will be passed to those you specifically choose to inherit from you is important for peace of mind. There are other benefits to planning ahead too, including helping your beneficiaries pay less inheritance tax and gifting specific items to those you know will most appreciate them.

But it can be a complex process to get right when there’s so much at stake and no-one wants to be left unsure their wishes might not be carried out after their death. So, whether you opt to use a will writing template, or the services of a professional will writer, it is equally as important to make sure you’re happy with the level of support you get. Afterall, mistakes can have enormous implications.

When looking for a will writer, these qualities are the ones to look out:

A Good Communicator

Legal terminology is often totally baffling to the uninitiated! A good will writing specialist must be able to communicate sometimes complex legal concepts and terminology in a way you fully understand. They must be able to translate the technical legal jargon into ordinary language as it is vitally important that you understand every aspect of your will and the implications of every decision you make.

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At the end of the day, the ramifications of you not comprehending something and making the wrong decisions, are huge. Therefore, no matter how good your solicitor or will writer is at the legal part of their job, if they can’t communicate clearly and effectively with you, you are taking a risk with the end result.

Trustworthy and Sensitive

Writing a will is a highly private act, and comes with huge responsibility. It can also bring up strong emotions.  Therefore, the task of taking down and recording your wishes for your beneficiaries, requires someone who is not only discreet and trustworthy, but also sensitive and kind.

There may be times when writing your will forces you to confront difficult aspects of your life or forces you to recall painful events from your past. It is also very likely to involve making difficult decisions. It is therefore imperative that you find someone who can act with professionalism and tact at all times, and who can be supportive of you, whatever decision you make with regards your final wishes.

A Good Problem Solver

There are often circumstances that can come about in life which make writing a will a complicated process. If, for example, you were married previously and had children, but are now in another relationship, there can be implications on your estate that a good will writer should make you aware of. If you have  step-children to consider, then there can be additions factors you may want to take into account. Similarly, if you run a business or have large assets including assets abroad, you will need expert advice and someone with an ability to negotiate sometimes tricky issues.

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The potential for fall-out between family members after your death if your will is not clear or well thought-out is all too great if your will writer has not both made you aware of difficulties that may arise, and helped you work out a way to avoid them. They must therefore be experienced, well informed and a good problem solver when needed!

An Eye For Detail

Writing someone’s will is a huge responsibility. It requires a keen eye for detail. Giving anything less than due diligence and full attention to the job is to risk making a mistake that can impact people’s lives in very serious ways for many years to come. Therefore a good writer must not be cavalier but must take their job seriously and work hard to always ensure they do their best on behalf of their client.

There are many different will writing services available to choose from. Do not settle on the first one you come across; do your research and whether it’s face-to-face, on the telephone, or over the internet, make sure that the will writer you engage, is someone who is willing to listen to your concerns, is able to communicate effectively and has all the advice and guidance you need. Because this is a job worth getting right.

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