What Size Hockey Bag Do You Need To Carry

Hockey Bag Do You Need To Carry

Hockey bags act as a protective shield to your hockey and other equipment. Along with this, it also helps you to schlep your stuff to your ice rink and move back comfortably. Carrying a bag to pack your hockey frees your hand and allows you to move in and out of the rink freely. However, the size of the bag depends on what equipment you are carrying on the field. You must choose the bag size that is big enough to pack all your stuff and at the same time easy to carry without giving pain to your shoulders and people around you. It should have a balance between convenience to carry and compartments to function. 

Do you need it for your child?

If it is your child who needs a bag, you must ask yourself, “Who will carry the bag?” If your child is big enough to play ice hockey, he/she must carry the bag. It is also a proud thing to do. Taking care of your items is the first lesson you should teach them as a parent. It’s a commitment to the sport as well. Hockey bags are available in different sizes for Junior, Senior and standard sizes. A young child or a youth requires a more spacious bag than an adult player because they might be carrying more stuff. Adults generally keep fewer items, but the length of the hockey needs a giant suitcase. For young players, you must choose a pack with more features rather than focusing on the bag’s size. The bag should have multiple compartments, zip pockets, skate pockets, and a separate compartment for keeping the blades such that there is no contact of the edge with the cloth. An external pocket for holding water bottles will be an added advantage.

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Let’s discuss what sized bag will fulfill your needs:

Bag on Wheels

For youth, the hockey bag with wheels would be more comfortable for them to carry. Wheeled suitcases are also available in different sizes and features. Wheeled hockey bags are designed with standard handles for carrying, backpack straps, and some are available in backpacks too. Companies are creating different bag features to make it more exciting and amusing for your child to carry instead of carrying a usual boring duffle bag.

Carry Bags

These bags are the traditional stereotypical bags usually used by sportspersons and hockey players to carry their hockey and other equipment. It has two handles and a zipper at the top, mostly available in two different sizes, 32-inch and 36-inch, for youths and seniors. Choose a carry bag that has ventilation and provides aeration so that it keeps your stuff dry without producing any smell. The mesh cloth bags are the right choice for such loads. It should have slots for drinks, ID cards, inner pockets, and at least two compartments.

Wheeled Hockey Tower

A hockey tower is basically for advanced players and is available in 3 sizes 36-inch senior, 33-inch Junior, and 30-inch youth size. It is spacious, durable, and lightweight and can be compressed to fit underneath your seat or inside a locker. It can be folded to take less space and can be carried comfortably. It has side straps for carrying and made up of several parts that can be fit into a smaller area, making it the top choice of smart players regardless of what level of player you are; senior or junior. Having wheels in the tower bag makes it an excellent buy for juniors as it can be easily moved in and out of the rink.

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These bags come with a folding frame system that allows them to store your gears when not safely used. It also has a blade part and sticks strap to carry your loads and hockey sticks easily. While buying this bag, ensure that it is well ventilated and the cloth’s quality is good, which dries quickly.

Final Considerations

Choosing a well-designed hockey bag is critical for your shoulders and lower back. The answer to what size hockey bag you should buy depends on how old you are or how frequently you visit the ice rink. The different sizes of bags and their features help you to decide what bag will fit all your needs and requirement. From the above options, you can select any one of the bags that best suits your needs. Once you know what type of bag you want, you can choose the variations easily. The best thing you can do is to do some research on the internet and see the variants available in each type of bag. Choose a pack that takes away all your pain and stress and give you an enjoyable time on the rink.

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