What to look for in a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

What to look for in a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Certain firms specializing in personal injury law, attracted by the lure of profit, or quite simply because they cannot deprive themselves of the clientele formed by insurers, can then work for the insurance account.

However, these law firms specializing in personal injury lawyers will represent insurance against victims before the courts for a few cases and then represent accident victims in other cases. The problem is that the lawyer, when representing the victim, then finds himself faced with the same assurance that regularly gives him work.

So a plaintiff needs to obtain a qualified creve coeur personal injury lawyer.

The personal injury lawyer and his direct “competitors”

These are indeed urban legends that circulate and come, against all expectations, to cause prejudice to the victims of the road themselves who develop a mistrust vis-à-vis the personal injury lawyer whereas he is their best ally. It is above all the one by which the victim of the road will be fully and fully compensated for all his bodily harm (physical harm and mental harm).

The creve coeur personal injury lawyer is not a non-profit association. Still, unlike some associations for the defence of victims “claiming to be” non-profit in the field of compensation for bodily injury, it clearly announces the colour.

Its rates are transparent (it is the law), and in general, in the field of bodily injury, they are set at the result: between 6 and 10% of the compensation obtained on behalf of the injured victim – The cost of the lawyer bodily injury is then wholly brought under control by the victim and his family.

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Some non-profit associations will not hesitate to try to get you to sign an agreement (and the non-profit) with a relatively high percentage of the result (much more than with a lawyer) on the pretext of the intervention of this or that lawyer (contact him directly, it will cost you less).

The personal injury lawyer is not either an insured person’s expert, whose profession has just been seriously condemned since it was deemed illegal by the Court of Cassation itself.

Beware of the expression “insured expert, “which characterizes, you will understand, an illegal profession, which consists of going to negotiate with the insurance in your place. It is a profession in which the first comer will aid a victim without even having any qualifications.

The personal injury lawyer and its assets

  1. The personal injury lawyer is subject to a code of ethics

This is the basis of the profession of lawyer, a lawyer in personal injury or other: the profession is subject to a code of ethics. Who today does not know the professional secrecy of lawyers? This is one of the essential pillars of the ethics of lawyers.

A lawyer is not a salesperson. It is subject to a code of ethics that imposes transparency, delicacy, as well as many other obligations. The clear objective of ethics is certainly not the protection of the interests of lawyers, but the protection of the interests of clients, exclusively.

So when you seek the services of a personal injury lawyer, the latter will have only one objective even if the latter remains lucrative, the defence of your interests. The creve coeur personal injury lawyer will not take legal action if the chances of success are not high enough; his advice will be fair in addition to no way self-interested.

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“To err is human, you will say,” If the lawyer can nevertheless make some errors, despite his ethics, a financial guarantee exists.

  1. The personal injury lawyer has a financial guarantee

It is the “stress” of each victim: how, when, who? So imagine if the legal professional, your personal injury lawyer, made such a mistake and the funds (car accident victim compensation) were no longer owed to the victim?

Once again, the personal injury lawyer JMcAllister Law has a significant advantage: a financial guarantee covering his professional liability in the event of a fault.  They are able to solve all cases related to injury.


Thus the victim is guaranteed to obtain his compensation, even if the personal injury lawyer committed negligence or else fault.

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