What We Need In Schools Of 21st Century?

Need In Schools Of 21st Century

It is true the world doesn’t remain same. It keeps on changing and moving. And its beauty to change.Moreover, because the world moves, a common man moves forward, his needs and requirements also move forward. It means that his needs and requirements will be different than his or her ancestors. Hus ancestors could need 5 to 6 days of time to reach a new country but a CEO can’t interview the applicant another day. Therefore today we need car or any vehicle that can drop UA at time.

Like our needs are changing, the knowledge or kind of knowledge we are required to have is also changing. In past everyone was required to know directions completely so that they could reach on time, but now its not a big issue if someone doesn’t know the way because of the availability of Google map, yet if he or she knows how to use it. To know how to use google map is the knowledge that we are required to learn, and this process of learning and gaining knowledge is education.

Because of being passed through the age of digitization, our education system requires change because what we should know is also changing. It was a time when student or a toddlers required to know that how to write fast from pen, pencil or bird’s wing because of unavailability of machines, but now toddlers are required to learn to be conscious in order to see complete his task fast in the presence of so many gadgets.

Today every entrepreneur and educationists says that education system need some changes, classrooms should be changed but many of them don’t understand how to bring that change or what change should be brought that could be realistic and applicable everywhere for teachers in classrooms.

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There are many changes which can be or should be brought in our classrooms or education system. Some of them are:


Books are the very basic tool in our learning process because it not only teaches a child a, b and c but also makes a toddler creative. Yet, today many of the books are very bookish or dry which are not attractive enough to engage a child. Therefore, the system needs to change the books. The staff should make them creative and easy-to-study. And both of the two factors are important to make an engaging because it is easily understand able words of a blog that grabs the attention of visitor whose colors first make him or her to stop there. And to make books creative doesn’t means to make the book expensive. It means to make a book though provoking, because it is the book that either turn a toddler into scientist or thinker. So make it creative and let the world have confident leaders in future.

Teacher Training program:

Another basic tool on which the whole system lies is a teacher. A teacher is a person who conveys the knowledge of a book to children or students in easier language.That’s why they deserve much more honor and appreciation. But there is one thing that needs to be added and that is workshops. No doubt, the teacher tries his or her best to convey in the easiest words but because the children of every next generation are different from previous generation, therefore it becomes difficult for a teacher most of the time to understand a child. That’s why a school should create workshops for its teachers and lectures in which they are trained how to handle a child. In such workshops the principal can call child psychologists too to help them in teaching and experienced teachers who can provide them techniques and easy ways to teach.Teaching is not an easy job; therefore a school and system is required to help teachers in different ways. And it will be good if a common man tries to help a teacher too because it is the teacher who bring a leader or a scientist out of the tinniest body of a child. So, help a teacher, change the future.

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Class as Debating Session:

No doubt, technology has made everything easier and speedier but it has also built barriers in interpersonal communication. Today, instead of talking to the person sitting beside, a person finds it comfortable to scroll to see pictures on Instagram. And this behavior is making him or her not an engaging communicator which an everyone person needs to be in order to live happily. And we can see that lacking because today there are many students used to look for services of assignment help UK. In order to turn a child into well versed and engaging communicator who can convince anyone, a teacher needs to make his or her class the debating session. He or she can do this by combining technology and round table discussions. To do this , she or he could gather students at one small table to talk about environmental issues or any other topic related to his or her syllabus. In this way not only syllabus will be covered but students who would made the process of gaining knowledge two way can become confident enough to talk to anyone. And more than this, they learn to THINK, the very core of education. Hence to make a child able to survive, a teacher needs to make him or her able to say what he or she really wants to say. Otherwise this gap would be the source of many problems in his or her life in future.

Education is very diverse which demands change with every upcoming generation and it is required to bring change in it because it is the element that produces thinkers, scientists and writers. And these are the three that turn a bin into eden. So in order to reborn the leaders and thinkers in our society, we need to change our way of teaching otherwise forget about bright future and proud future.

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