When Is A Dental Crown Used As A Treatment?

When Is A Dental Crown Used As A Treatment?

Dental crowns are widely used and have been for many years, yet this field of dentistry has enjoyed some developments over the years, with many patients benefitting from crown treatments. If you are thinking of having a dental crown fitted, here are the conditions that this form of treatment can resolve.

  • A Discoloured Tooth – There are instances when a single tooth begins to change colour, and rather than extraction, inserting a crown will save the integrity of the tooth. Ask any dentist and they will happily confirm that losing a tooth will cause the surrounding teeth to loosen, and while it can be treated with a porcelain veneer, the crown is a permanent solution.
  • Chipped Or Broken Tooth– A badly chipped or broken tooth can be ground down to a peg, which saves the roots of the tooth, then a special crown is fitted to match the surrounding teeth. Local anaesthetic is used while the dentist shapes the tooth into a peg, then the dentist uses a tiny drill to shape the crown until it fits perfectly.Using a special adhesive, the crown is fitted which covers the entire tooth section from the gum line up. If you are looking to have this treatment, there is an affordable dental crowns service from Sailors Bay Dentistry, who specialise in all forms of cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants.

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  • Cracked Teeth– If one of your teeth has a crack down the side, the dental crown is the recommended treatment. At any time, the roots of the tooth are healthy, it makes sense to protect that, which is exactly what a dental crown does. The dentist would inspect the roots of the tooth closely, and if he felt it wasn’t good, he might recommend extraction followed by a dental implant.
  • Cavities – If a tooth is badly decayed, rather than recommending a filling, the dentist would prefer to fit a crown, and removing the decayed area will ensure that it does not spread. The crown would be very carefully selected to ensure perfect colour and size match. Tooth decay can affect anyone at any age, and more often than not, the recommended treatment is a dental crown. For more information on dental crowns and when they are used, you can check out related articles available online.
  • Recently Had Root Canal Treatment – If you have recently undergone a root canal treatment, the dentist might recommend fitting a crown, as this will protect the integrity of the tooth. The root canal procedure ensures that the roots are healthy, and with a dental crown, the process of protecting the tooth is complete.

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Crowns are designed to be used to cover otherwise healthy teeth that are healthy below the gum line, and by creating a small peg, the crown can be fitted to cover the tooth and leave an appearance of a natural tooth. The porcelain used would be of the highest quality, however, a dental crown is not indestructible by any means, therefore great care must be taken. Talk to your local dentist if you have a tooth that you think could benefit from a dental crown, and he can give you a professional opinion.

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