When To Call A Blocked Drain Specialists

Call A Blocked Drain Specialists

From a minor blockage to homeowners’ worst nightmare, drain blockages can be caused by many things. You must know the signs of a blocked drain to know the signs of trouble. So, when you do notice one of the signs, you need to call a blocked drain specialist to have it repaired before it gets worse. Blockages can actually come in various areas of your plumbing. But when should you call a blocked drain specialist?

Different Types Of Blocked Drains

Blocked Sink Drains

Bathroom and kitchen sinks find getting blocked often. All foods find their way down the drain, but some don’t fall all the way through. Fail to clear all the way down and can create a blocked sink down the line. Do not attempt to put your hand down the drain or fix it yourself. Were warning as plumbers this is not advised. Your best move to deal with sink drains is to call a licensed plumber who is knowledgeable and skilled enough to deal with any blockages. The DIY route may cause more harm than good.

Blocked Stormwater Drains

Problems occur with stormwater drains right after heavy rains. Stormwater drains are meant to handle large amounts of rain, however, if there’s a blockage, you might experience problems with your property. Call a plumber if you’re experiencing puddles around the property, water coming from downpipes or weird noises from drains.

Blocked Toilet

This is a common issue and the most unpleasant to handle. You might think you can handle this one straight away, but you don’t know what could be blocking or how deep the blockage is. This blockage should be treated as an emergency and contact a blocked drain plumber immediately. Prevent this issue from becoming worse and don’t flush.

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