When Travelling Is Life – Eat, Sleep, Travel, Repeat!

New York – A city that never sleeps and visiting such a place was one of my adulthood dreams which I made a reality in my 2018’s Summer break.

If you are looking for a traveling destination to take a break from your daily routine, New York is the place to go. I have heard so much about the New York that I could not resist visiting it. So, last summer I planned to pack my stuff and moved to the city of lights and happenings. The city is so crowded that if you are lost ones, you will be found from the other world and I experienced that on my last visit.

When you step into the city that is filled with unique architectures like the Chrysler Building that reflects the Art Deco Movement. Also, the famous Time Square where you will find a nice blend of commerce and art. Cutting short, New York is also known as the Capital of Modern Art and the reason is the abundance of museums.

Before I was leaving for my trip, somewhere in my heart I had the feeling that if I found a reasonable place to live, I will be moving out without any second thought. This is just what happened. I have started living in the place, I loved the most. However, moving out of the house was not easy when you have planned two things at once. On one side, I was stuck with planning the traveling destination and on the other hand, I was worried about my stuff. While configuring the issues, I talked to my friend who was traveling with me as well and she came up with a brilliant idea. You will be surprised to know what she suggested, and nothing can be more perfect.

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“Best Storage Movers”, yes this is what she recommended. I was as much surprised as much you are right now but calm down, it’s normal. Take a deep breath and relax to know what happened next.

The Struggle Of Finding The Best Storage Movers Was Real

When you love traveling, forget about the comforts, luxuries, and everything. Traveling is fun as far as you prepare yourself to face all the challenges and completing them. Though my case is a bit different as I was planning two different things and it’s more like one ball two wickets.

Not only because I already have planned to settle in New York but because, I had to leave the apartment in a month or two, so in any case, I had to shift my belongings. So, I took the privilege of the time and planned the shifting. You know the best thing? This saved me paying the apartment’s rent.

So, our hunt for finding the best storage movers in town begins. I had no idea how this moving service works, so my fingers were crossed. Me and my friend who suggested me this idea enlisted the moving companies that have had built a great reputation in the market. It took us a little time to investigate the moving company, thanks to our detective nature. Finally, we agreed upon on hiring one moving service after checking their basic credentials that include license and insurance.

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Here Is What The Storage Movers Offered Us

You really don’t know how much stuff your house has until you decide to move!

Our internet research was not enough for hiring them as on interaction, they open the doors of options for us that includes;

A full-Service Storage

It’s more like valet services where the company helps you packing your stuff and loading it on the moving truck. The benefit of taking a full-service storage is that they take all the worries from you and do the chores themselves. While packing your goods, they take the pictures of everything you packed so that can cross match when needed.


This option is more popular as it’s the safest one. It allows you to store your goods on your own. They have to deliver the goods themselves to the storage and can add the lock they wanted, also you can get your hands over your valuables when you needed. From documenting to packing and everything you are on your own.

For a while, on hearing further options, I had almost canceled the plan of traveling but my friend kept me motivated and we proceeded. I picked the self-storage service as I was not sure when I will be back or what time I had to leave. On returning from the vacations, I was glad to find all my goods at the same place where I left.

The New York’s Journey

There is no doubt that the place is amazing to live in as its lifestyle is different from other and you have to incorporate them with your mood and way of living. Everything about New York is so extravagance, luxurious and fancy that you cannot shut your eyes to the sparkling life. Where the population is larger, the competition is tough, and survival becomes difficult.

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For the love of traveling, I had almost visited nearly every place, but nothing keeps in intact like this before and here I planned to settle down. Luckily, I got a job to earn the daily bread. What was worrying me is how to transport my house goods, furniture and everything to the new place. I talked to the movers and again they surprised with their services. They take over the charge to deliver my stored goods to the city of lights. They gave me confidence that now I can move anywhere I wish to as they are here to keep an eye on my valuables. They made my traveling worthy spending the time and money. Now, I am all set to begin a new life, a life many of us just dream for.

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