Why A Hotel Inspection App You Ask? Here’s Why

Hotel Inspection App

Hospitality is one of the most rewarding businesses to be in today with the Globetrotters incessantly looking for competitively better, economical refuges. And while a whopping number of sparing options are being made available at the fingertips of your potential customers in the blink of an eye, the odds of your business retaining them with you are as in favor as against. The competition only gets tougher with the established behemoths of the industry vying alongside the new players each passing day. The one question that you constantly need to be asking yourself as a dynamic, growth-oriented hospitality business owner is “How to Level Up?”

FeetPort helps you find a resolve to exactly this question. Introspection is the key to advancement and the app aids you self-assess the progress of your business and the class of your services. The digital platform provides you with supervised scrutiny at its best. The consistency and maintenance of quality is the substance of any hotel management enterprise. A specialized web console and smooth app interface help you get detailed, on point inspections performed on these very parameters by an expert team of auditors. The automatic scores generated post-audit get you briefed and aware on the lineament of your services based on reception, hospitality, ambiance, hygiene, safety, and customer satisfaction. The audits are conducted in real time and the auditors can be viewed live in action eliminating any chances of a discrepancy. The temporally real nature of the app serves in keeping a tab on the hotel staff and other activities of significance to customer assistance.

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In the virtually real world today, the hotel inspection apps are the new, smart way to do business and promise a practiced assistance in your endeavor to scale up.


    • Analysis and Management: The vigilant digital track keeping system helps you analyze your data in depth for futurity as well as in passing for deciding the immediate course of actions. The web dashboard’s updates help you manage and channelize resources currently at hand where they are most needed. A departmental task assignment to staff serves in finding the nearest and best persons available for a given task at any given instance of time. The stringent periodic audits help keep the reigns of your business tight in your hands while providing you with grounds to improve on.
    • Transparency: With geo-tagging and live image features, maintenance of authenticity of the whole exercise is easy when each inspected room can be tagged and images and videos can be uploaded in the live course of action of audits. They also specialize in data security and activity management at the customers’ end. The handling of customer data is uniquely safe with the Digital signature feature which makes grappling with huge packets of sensitive data as easy as the flick of a finger.
    • Digital Real-time Proofs: The time-stamped audio notes, images, and digital signatures, all through the proximate convenience of your smartphone screens make the FeetPort app the ultimate inspection forum for scaling up. They back your logistics with foolproof strategies as well as offer upstanding evidence of reliable service at each step towards the realization of your expansion and development dreams. The app acts as a stakeholder and accepts responsibility to help you scale up the growth graph of your business, keeping a wakeful eye on opportunities and drawbacks. The rigorous, committed, always searching for new scopes services and honest feedbacks facilitate the turning of potential into performance so you can count yourself amongst the world-class.

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