Why Choose Stainless Steel Tanks for Storage?

Why Choose Stainless Steel Tanks for Storage?

Storage tanks are used in numerous industries in order to store everything right from water or crop products to the hazardous materials. Therefore, installing new or replacement tanks encompasses a number of decisions about the size, location, design and the materials. Stainless steel serves as a common option for the storage tanks, and that too with good reasons. Here in this webcast, we have listed down the reasons to make your next storage tank made from stainless steel:

Why Choose Stainless Steel Tanks for Storage?

  • Durability

If we talk about the welded stainless steel tanks, they are incredibly durable. Since the stainless steel offers resistance to corrosion, rust, fire and Ultra Violet lights, the stainless steel tanks lasts for a considerably longer period of time if compared to a welded steel or concrete. Moreover, a welded stainless steel tank accounts for a leak-free storage solution; implying that you can trust what you store inside will stay the same inside.

  • Environment Friendly

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies are turning towards the ecological impact of the infrastructure and the operations led by the organizations. Hence, eco-friendly business practices are not only goo for the environment, but they are also good for the bottom line as many consumers look to support the companies that are contemplated to be environmentally responsible.

Stainless steel tanks stand for an eco-friendly storage option. Moreover, stainless steel is completely recyclable once a tank gets out of service, and to your surprise more than half of new stainless steel being used today is made from the previously recycled material.

  • Affordability

The entire cost of ownership for a stainless steel tank is lower than the cost incurred in for bolted steel or a concrete tank.  The reason behind it is the longer lifespan of the stainless steel. When compared with the conventional options, the tanks are so designed that it lasts for more years of use and, with less needs for the ongoing maintenance. The stainless steel tanks end up costing less for the lifespan of the tanks than the traditional options.

  • Customization
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Remember, your business needs are unique to your own business and with that in mind, why would you choose to go with anything but a custom solution for your storage needs? Hence, there is no need to go for pre-sized storage tanks when high-quality stainless steel tanks can be customized in order to meet your exact needs. Look for stainless steel tanks to keep up with your business’ specific needs and requirements, thus making sure that you get a storage solution best for your business.

Applications for Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Though the stainless steel storage tanks have a wide variety of uses, but most of the uses fall under two main categories: 

  • Chemicals

Stainless steel storage tanks are popularly used for the storage of chemicals. It provides a strong and reliable storage system which resists corrosion and shields against easy puncture that could lead to an environmental mess.

  • Water

The irrigation, manufacturing, and the fire-protection services require a ready supply of water to hand. For such applications, a conical bottom can be designed for the stainless steel storage tanks so as to provide with swift and complete drainage of liquids. Moreover, potable water can also be stored in stainless steel storage tanks for use in the food and beverage industry.

This can hold up to 550 gallons of liquid and are designed so to resist tough chemical compounds. It is the long-term service and the durability, that the stainless steel tanks are the most preferred industrial choice.

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