Why Is Sms Marketing Is Considered To Be More Popular Than Any Other Channels Of Marketing

Bulk SMS Gateway services

Businesses from various fields and industries are discovering that they can use SMS marketing effectively as a major marketing strategy to promote your business. While using SMS marketing automation the brands are offered the capacity to schedule, create as well as automate various smart targeted campaigns.

SMS has been considered to be the most efficient means of reaching the consumers as it has about 90 percent of the reading rate in a minute. When timeliness of delivery of the message is concerned the Bulk SMS Gateway services are able to maintain the highest level of engagement rate when compared to OTT apps or emails.

In an Open Market Article, it has come up that a large part of the millennial prefer the businesses that are using text messaging instead of calling as the means of providing customer services as people do not desire to waste time over calls.     Also, various researches have suggested that SMS may act as the major part of multi-channel business marketing strategy. By ensuring effective Bulk SMS gateway between the company and the users a large number of new customers can be achieved.

There are few major reasons due to which Bulk SMS API services are being preferred over various other forms of a campaign and they are listed below:

Immediate Delivery:

SMS gateway has been considered as the most immediate marketing network which is available in the market at this point in time. A research states that almost 97 percent of the messages are opened and read and also most of these messages are read in a period of 3 minutes post delivery. This direct means of communication initiate quick purchase decisions. Also, such a direct mode of communication can lead to the creation of long-term relationship with the clients.   visit here

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Faster Feedback:

It has been recorded at almost 31 percent of the users are ought to respond back to the surveys that are conducted using smart phones. Thus, brands have an option of launching surveys using Bulk SMS gateway and can get the results in a really short span of time. The average time of response has been recorded to be less than six minutes. Such feedbacks are important for the businesses as they support the brands in improving their products. It shall also help the company in gaining knowledge about the various market trends and consumer needs which shall help them evolve accordingly.

High Open Rate:

The Higher open rate is one of the ways of ensuring a successful campaign. Bulk SMS gateway has an open rate of approximately 90 percent which is almost triple as compared to email open rate. In case of SMS, brands do not have to bother about creating great subject lines which are required to make the customer open and read the message. The buzz on the phone is enough to motivate them to open and read the text.

No Spam Filters:

Marketers no more have to bother about being listed into the spam list of the customer as text messages do not come with that option as of now. The email marketing battles with the problem of spam folder that does not exist on the SMS land. When a customer opts to receive any SMS marketing message the sender does not have to remind the person to white list them so that the message does not end up in the spam folder.

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The best part of the SMS service is that people without smart phones can also be the part of the league. Thus, it is the most effective and accessible marketing tool to achieve the largest audience possible for the brand.

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