Why Modern Container Tracking Systems are the Lifeline of Shipping Industry


Online container tracking system is an all-new concept which almost all types of companies are exercising while conducting their export and import businesses both in India and across the world wide. This phenomenon permits companies to send and receive goods of different kinds in a certain framework of timing while keeping the overall expenses under control.

In the beginning of the year 2018, there were approximately 7500 goods containers across the world wide, and almost each and every company relies upon online shipment tracking system in India and even abroad. After RFID technology became highly popular in the past 10 years, tracking the exact location of goods-carrying containers has become more prevalent.

There are Notable advantages of the new-age container tracking solutions include the following five points-

  • RFID enabled container tracking solutions are available off the shelf.
  • These systems do not require any additional infrastructure, and this makes their deployment absolutely easy.
  • Online container tracking systems offers very accurate pieces of information, however, under some specific conditions, the location precision remains 10 meters only.
  • The solutions driven by RFID are not power hungry at all, whereas the older counterparts used to consume a lot of energy.
  • These solutions do not need so much of manpower to be handled and operated.

In short-range container tracking solutions, the tracking apparatus was not able to establish communication directly with cellular or satellite with no specific way wherein such a system functions, but Internet of Things (IoT) based systems can very easily be engineered with a view to a company’s specific needs.

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Here are some of RFID Solutions which also generate the following listed reports:

  • Executive reports
  • Contain quarterly business reports
  • Shipment summary
  • Top carrier summary metrics
  • Core carrier compliancy
  • Safety reports including carrier incident tracking with trends of safety
  • Distribution reports
  • Service by weight
  • Service by state
  • Service by zone
  • Ancillary reports
  • Accessorial charge summary
  • Dim detail
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Tracking reports
  • Time in transit
  • Delivery performance
  • Shipment exception detail
  • Accounting reports
  • Invoice status
  • Payment cycle
  • Audited savings detail
  • Service quality reports
  • Shipment detail
  • Client report card
  • Claims status and
  • Vendor compliance.

There are companies in India that offer highly reliable and scale-able online shipment tracking solutions to meet the needs of diverse industry verticals. These companies incorporate ultra modern technology in their solutions and offer 100% accuracy and reliability. These companies provide services on almost all the reputed ports in India and even abroad.

In a nutshell, a well engineered container tracking solution is a significant investment for the control, shipping, security and speedy and eventual recovery of the returnable assets, be it a large-sized or small one. When utilized appropriately, this system is able to keep costs really very down with production up while proving an invaluable aid for all organizations shipping their containers to any part of the world-wide.

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