Why You Need To Jailbreak Your Device?

Why You Need To Jailbreak Your Device?

Jailbreaking iPhones and iPads has become quite common over the years and there are more and more people opting for jailbreak. But what actually is causing all the buzz and why has it become such a popular phenomenon over the years? Have you ever thought what jailbreaking is all about and why exactly you need to jailbreak your iOS device? Probably Not! Well, here we have discussed everything about jailbreak so as to give you a clear idea about what is jailbreaking and what are the associated benefits and risks.

What Is A Jailbreak?

What Is A Jailbreak?

As it is usually said and understood, jailbreaking is a process of liberating an iOS device of all its limitations. What kind of limitations one might ask? Well, as all iOS users might already know, Apple allows iPhone and iPad users to only download specific apps that are available through its official App Store. Anything that doesn’t make it to the app store, for one reason or another, is not accessible regardless of how useful it may be. Apple has its own reasons behind such restrictions and the most prevalent of them all is the user safety and security. When Apple doesn’t feel an app is secure for use on its devices, it doesn’t allow it to be available through Apple’s Official App Store.

Now, this leads potential hackers to figure out a way of getting apps on  iOS devices regardless of whether they are approved by Apple or not. The process is called jailbreak and it involves installing a second App Store on your device that actually not from Apple. This app store gives you access to all the apps that you might have missed before and tweak the functionality of your iOS device.

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What Are The Benefits?

What Are The Benefits

Jailbreaking has its own benefits and on top of them all is the fact that it allows iOS device users to access all the desired apps no matter whether they are available through App Store or not. Besides, these apps come with great new functionality and customizable features that can be enjoyed only on a jailbroken device. The apps installed after the jailbreak, often known as jailbreak tweaks, allow users to tweak with the way an iOS device is actually meant to behave. You can get access to the system files through these apps and make them to operate in a certain way. A jailbreak tweak, for instance, can make you change the entire look of your iOS Control Center or change the way different buttons on the device operate. It can even help you customize the look of your iOS device to your liking. In fact, the possibilities are endless and the iOS users can get to explore a lot more than what they are actually allowed to do on their iOS device by the manufacturer.

So, if you have iOS 9.2.1 installed on your iOS device, you can start looking for iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak right away. And, if you are able to successfully jailbreak your iOS device, it will open a whole new world of opportunities for you.

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