Why You Should Choose Lead For Your Roof


Lead has been a core component in roofing for many years and there are many good reasons for this. Despite the emergence of composite materials, good old lead is still the favourite material to use in roofing. Here are just a few of the reasons roofing specialists prefer to use lead when finishing a roof.

  • Lead Is Malleable – Lead is soft and malleable, which means it can be shaped around uneven surfaces, making it an excellent material for finishing the edges of a roof. Lead expands and contracts with the varying temperatures, which makes it ideal for the Australian climate, and can be hammered to fit around any uneven shapes.
  • Watertight – Lead is watertight, which is another good reason to finish the roof with lead surrounds. The various joints on a roof are multi-level and without a waterproof covering, the roof would leak, and getting water inside the roofing structure results in major repairs.
  • Durability – Lead is a most durable material, standing up to the test of time. It does not rust or corrode, making it perfect for roofing. Lead really is a fit and forget solution, and if repairs call for lifting the lead, this can be done without damage. Indeed, lead can be used over and over. Lead is continually recycled and can be knocked into shape and easily cut with sharp shears, making it very durable.
  • Appearance – As lead ages, it takes on an attractive hue, which adds character to the roof. With slate and copper, you have the perfect combination. If you want lead fitted to your roof, there are professional Sydney roofing contractors offering affordable services and have a wealth of experience working with lead.
  • Eco-Friendly – Thanks to its non-corrosive properties and the fact that lead can be recycled continuously, it is a very green material. We all need to examine our lifestyle to see what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. If you are thinking about roof renovation, incorporate lead and you are reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Perfect Partner For Slate – We Australians love our slate roofing, a trade that emigrated from the North of England in the19th century, and slate combines perfectly with lead, with subtle changes in grey. Copper coated lead is another firm favourite, as this adds a yellowish hue, which ages well over time, remaining in keeping with the overall appearance of the roof. The traditional roofing skills have been passed down through the generations, and even today, there are family-run slate roofing companies, who make very good use of lead.
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Despite the new technology and composite materials, lead is still the number one fitting material for roofing, thanks to the above properties, and with an established slate roofing company, lead flashing is their speciality. A Google search is all it takes to make contact with a traditional roofing company that can show you a few designs and make some suggestions. With their expertise, your roof will be a major feature of the property.

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