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Not many are aware of what a VPS or Virtual Private Server Technology is and what does it do as a hosting option. Options like Shared and Dedicated have been around for quite a while and people have a fair idea of what they are. Xen VPS has recently started to gain importance because of certain benefits it can offer let’s take a look why it is good for your business online.

  • Xen VPS Hosting

A Xen Virtual Private Server is similar to other servers when you consider the hardware it needs. The difference is in the configuration of these servers. A single server is segmented or partitioned and divided into multiple Xen servers using virtualization technology. Each of these servers run on its own configured operating system but the virtualization tech allows that machine to share the hardware resources amongst other Virtual servers on the same machine.

Dedicated Xen VPS Hosting is hybrid between Shared and dedicated hosting. One owner would share the server with other account holder but will have access to only their own data and the allocated to them. This process lets the user see the account as if it is a dedicated account only for them.

Advantages of using a Xen VPS server are

  • You can get started in few minutes

Time management is of utmost important for IT administrators when it comes to put any software to be utilized in a data center. They must be able to start work by installing the software as soon as possible in order to meet deadlines and successfully complete the job. The XEN Virtual Private server is specifically designed for that purpose as it can be installed ad can become available to use in as little as 10 minutes. This will save a lot of time for IT administrators. Also there is no need to configure a complex management system or come up with a dedicated storage network, all you have to do is install the server and start virtualization without spending too much time on it.

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When the installation process is complete you have the option to turn the server workload in to virtual machines. Once you turn the physical machine into a virtual machine and merge the workload into a physical host, the server sprawl can be dramatically reduced which will result in less cooling cost and reduced power consumption. After this the provided migration tools you can move your Virtual machines across a resource pool without worrying about negative effects like migration or updations downtime.

  • Very Powerful Server Management

The Xen server is powerfully packed with all the utilities that are required to run a virtual infrastructure effectively and smoothly. It is a cloud accredited virtualization platform. This gives any organization making use of XenServers the ability to easily automate and integrate management processes and change the complex environment into flexible computing centers.

There are important additional features that you can benefit from.

  • XenCenter Management Console

The Xencenter management control helps the IT staff to closely monitor and manage multiple virtual machines. With Xencenter the user will be able to easily start, create, stop, copy or migrate or even create a backup Virtual machine in few clicks and save a lot on downtime. This helps reducing server management failure rates dramatically.

●       XenMotion Live Migration tool

This tool helps to migrate or transfer Virtual Machine from one server to another without any interruptions. Effectively saving on downtime lag.

●       XenConvert

The XenConvert utility is very useful for organizations that are using other Platforms for VPS and convert them to XenServer compatible. This makes the transition process smoother and effective saving a lot on interruption downtime. Organization that need extra management abilities the XenServer premium edition would be a better choice. The premium edition offers a lot of automation and management capabilities for companies who want to save up on costs while creating a virtual computing setup.

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Considering most of what Xen VPS offers it is a guaranteed return on investment. You can be assured that you will be able to consolidate servers and minimize server sprawl while creating private and public clouds simultaneously.  Besides that it is a more effective way for delivering Virtual applications at affordable rates.

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