How stem cell therapy can cure baldness

stem cell therapy can cure baldness

Baldness is one area of concern that you were forced to live with. But things have changed considerably in modern times as it is curable. Various new technologies have emerged to cure baldness and stem cell therapy has worked out the best and popular way to treat male baldness. It has to be said that there are many reasons for baldness and men are more prone to it than women. The main cause could be genetic, thyroid problems and perhaps the most important cause among them all is stress. The good news is that all of these factors can be reversible and can go on to improve the condition of the hair follicles. The new ones can emerge after a bout of stem cell therapy.

stem cell therapy can cure baldness

With the help of this therapy you can get rid of baldness. All these cells are unique type of cells that is found in various parts of the body. They can merge on to the different type of cells that they are subject to. Where this therapy scores is that works wonders on the physical health of the hair follicles.

Before we proceed ahead we need to figure out on how this type of therapy works. Here cells are injected on to the scalp and once they reach to the destination they divide further. Once they are dispersed millions of new cells emerge. With the aid of the blood cells they embark on a process to produce new cells. These new cells go on to remove the damaged cells that is the prime reason of causing baldness in men. The best part about these stem cells is that they do keep on dividing till the required number is reached. These cells go on to provide relief from the wounds in the scalp as they are blessed with the property of self-renewal. The net result is that a person does get new hair without any expensive treatment or surgery.

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This tried and proven treatment has worked wonders in Mexico.  A point to be noted is that this form of treatment is not equally available in all parts of the world as well. It is another fact that some of the people consider it quiet unethical to extract cells from the placenta and work towards a new life. What these sorts of people fail to take notice is that the baby is born already in a healthy manner. Both the child and the mother are up before one starts the process of extracting cells from the placenta.

The other section of people who have given thumbs up to this form of treatment rated it as the best without the need for any form of surgery. For this precise reason there are lot of myths surrounding this form of therapy. Though a lot of chronic diseases could be cured with this form of therapy but the use of it has been restricted to certain countries only. It is suggested that stem cell therapy treatment in India would be a prudent choice

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