10 Effective Tips Realtors Should Follow To Improve Their Marketing Strategy

Ask any realtor worth their salt and they’ll tell you that the real estate sector can be highly lucrative. They might also tell you how challenging it can be when it comes to marketing, especially for realtors who are just starting out in the business. Like most other businesses, marketing is crucial for growth in real estate. It is an incredibly competitive space and only realtors with apt and unique marketing strategies necessary can thrive. 

That said, if you’re constantly thinking about ‘how to market myself as a realtor’, here are ten practical tips that will take your marketing strategy to the next level.

1. Postcard Farming

If you aren’t already integrating postcards into your realtor marketing strategy, you should take it up as a high priority. Postcards are a traditional marketing tool that have maintained their value even in the digital age. 

Postcard farming involves finding an area without too many realtors and consistently sending postcards to your mailing list. The strategy may take time to build leads but eventually to brand dominance in the area.

2. Provide your Clients With A Complimentary Truck

Investing in a moving truck is a unique way for you to stand out in a local market. Ensure the truck has your branding on its side. Offer the branded truck to your clients when they sell or purchase a home. You’ll benefit from the additional advertising and branding every time clients use it. 

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3. Incorporate Pets into You Listing Photos

Though not every homebuyer will care for a cute pet throughout a tour of the property on your website, chances are seeing an occasional photo that shows pets on the property will appeal to a few potential buyers. Use your cat or pup, or even borrow one from a friend or family member.

4. Curate a Local Real Estate Market Quiz

A good way of engaging your target audience is by giving them quizzes on real estate. Test them with precise, multiple-choice quizzes about their potential interests and provide answers to those quizzes to set yourself up as the go-to resource person for leads. 

You could even make a monthly competition out of it.

5. Capitalize On Trending Memes

While memes may appear as just another internet distraction, memes can offer you a fun tactic in real estate marketing. Getting a laugh out of your target demographic might just be what you need to connect. 

6. Send Your Leads Handwritten Note

There’s something about handwritten notes that makes them more personal. Doing so will be offering your clients and prospects a unique experience in this digital age when they discover handwritten notes placed inside the envelope.

7. Implement A Referral System

As you continue building your lead flow and brand presence, do not forget about referrals from your happy clients. The easiest way to get referrals that many forget is to ask simply. Ensure your clients have smooth transitions in their purchase or selling processes, then inquire whether they might know someone who needs services.

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8. Consistency Is key

Most marketing strategies will not immediately generate a lead. Maintain the prescribed frequency for every marketing tool before abandoning it for another. The success of your direct mail marketing, for instance, will highly depend on your ability to remain consistent in delivery.

9. Invest In Quality

The quality of every marketing tool you use primarily affects its effectiveness. Invest in a well-done user-friendly website with well-written blogs. Get a talented real estate photographer for your pictorials. Even the quality of paper and graphics on your postcards should be top-notch.

10. Track Your Leads

The best way to measure the success of your leads is by tracking how well they work. Track your call-to-actions by ensuring that you have provided a working and unique tracking number. You can equally employ phone tracking tools. 

Make Your Realtor Marketing More Efficient

Realtor marketing may get daunting at times, primarily when you are competing with big industry names. However, having the right marketing strategies will take your realtor brand to the next level. Try out those tips to improve your marketing tips; you’ll build a personal relationship with your prospects that will make all the difference.

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