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Credit Cards are now becoming one of the substantial parts of our daily lives. Many of our day to day transactions are dependent upon the usage of credit cards. The introduction to cashless economy has opened wide channels of scope for the use of credit cards in various processes of transactions.

Are you in a plan to buy a credit card or upgrade your existing credit card to avail more and more of the associated benefits with its usage? If yes, this article will help you to get a vivid idea of how to choose and what to choose among various parameters to take a prompt decision of having a good credit card in your pocket.

Among many of the bank institutes, currently operating in India, SBI is one of the customer friendly bank. It has millions of customers in its network who are availing the services of the bank without any trouble. The bank is best known for its transparent and responsive services that are redirected to help its valuable customers at every step.

Talking about the reliability and feasibility SBI Credit cards have become number one choice among the customers. It is so because the cards come without any hidden charges or policies, hence allows the customers to have a hassle- free experience.

With a different individuality of every credit card, we have prepared the list of best SBI credit cards that could be used by the users for their personal uses.

Types of SBI Credit cards available

SBI Platinum Credit card

SBI Platinum Credit card

It is a premium card given by SBI to its customers. Through the credit card, benefits of dinning and shopping could be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. It is a boon for regular international shoppers as it offers multiple reward earning points to its customers.

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If one wishes to withdraw the cash from the card, it can be easily done from any of the Visa or SBI ATMs situated all across the country. There is a flexi pay option available in these cards. It helps in giving you the opportunity to pay the credit card amount through flexible installments.

There is a specific amount of initial fee to take this card. If you wish to renew your card annually, you need to pay a renewal fee every year. The decision to owe this card is entirely dependent upon your spending capacity.

If you are in a practice of shopping 4 lakh or more than it, in a year, this card is best choice for you. One can also opt for SMS or Email alert system with every single use of the credit card.

Having reward points in your card, you can get a free air ticket also.

SBI Signature Card

SBI Signature Card

Another card that also comes in the category of premium class of credit card offered by SBI is known as SBI Signature card. This card is utilized to pay monthly bills or to book travel tickets. Your every next purchase will be earning you reward points that could be redeemed to get more benefits in shopping or booking tickets in future.

If you wish you can easily withdraw the cash from the credit card through any of the SBI’s ATM, located in any part of the country.

Talking about the joining as well as annual renewal fee of SBI Signature card, it is quite high as compared to other credit cards. But still, if you want to avail the benefits of exclusive offers for travelling and shopping, this is a best pick for you.

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SBI Gold Card

SBI Gold Card

It is one of the economical and reasonable credit cards offered by SBI. It is used for making the bill payments on monthly basis. It offers flexi pay options that can help you to pay your outstanding bills at easy monthly installments.

It has a nominal joining fee without any annual renewal charges. If you are spending around 75000 Rs annually, this card is a best option for you.

It comes with a privilege of offering add on card that could be gifted to your family members.

Yatra SBI Credit Card

Yatra SBI Credit Card

Among many credit cards offered by SBI, it is an international credit card. This credit card could be used generously, all across the globe. It is widely used for international shopping to international travelling as with every payment, you can earn more benefits on your next purchase or travel.

SBI has already tie up with a travel portal, known as Yatra.com and that allows them to offer exclusive deals with their upcoming travels.

Moving ahead with the different offers other than on travelling, it gives the opportunity to add benefits for other sort of spending also. One can easily pay the electricity, water bills and other monthly utility bills with this Credit Card.

An exclusive deal of worth Rs.8250 is also given at the time of taking the card and this can be easily used in your future travel.

One can easily get access to the various domestic as well as international premium lounges, that too free of cost with this credit card.

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Air India SBI Platinum card

Air India SBI Platinum card

Similar to Yatra.com, Air India and SBI also have a tie up. It is also a platinum category card offered conjointly by SBI and Air India. It is customized and designed in a way to ensure about the easy bill payments, purchases at different stores etc.

In case, travelling is an integral part of your lifestyle, you must opt for this credit card. It has nominal annual and joining fee which also makes it a preferable choice. There is also a provision of points redemption that are collected with each spending of the card. Make sure, you take the optimum benefit of having this travel- friendly credit card.

This is a brief overview of different SBI credit cards available in the market currently. It surely depends upon your requirements and spending capacity with the card, that helps you to pick the right card for you.


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